Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Back again

Have had a good day today. The back has been really good for which I am thankful for and I went down to the school by myself tonight. Could only do the woodwork room as Paul and Karen and Anthony were having a meeting so will go back tomorrow some time to finish.
I managed to get through the morning at the Red Cross shop last Friday 20th April as well and that was a good milestone for me since the back injury.
On the countdown to conference in Hamilton. Only 9 days to go. Can't believe how fast the time is going too as next Monday sees us at the end of April already. So have made a start that is a very small start on Christmas cards but felt I needed to make the effort as well.

Weather is definitely cooling down here in town now and the trees have got their autumn dresses on as well and the leaves are starting to fall too. That is the thing i don't like about autumn but everything else I do as I prefer the cooler weather.

Well time to go now my favourite programme Dancing with Stars is on this evening.
See ya again soon.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

My first stamping blog

This purple card was for a purple dragonfly card swap that I was in on one of my groups and I really liked what I had done here too.
I have decided to start another blog this is one especially for my stamping and card making and I am hoping to share with you cards that I am making as well.

Keep coming back for further updates here.

Cheers Carol