Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Hi all I have managed to get back on again today to my blog. Man where has the day gone. It seems to have sped by as here I am at 7pm New Year's Eve 2008 sitting at my computer writing up my blog.

Can't also beleive that in five days time I have been blogging for a whole year. Gee again where has that time gone to. I just really don't know but do watch this space asi feel a plan coming on for celebrating my first blogaversary on here.

I am uploading two more cards that I have made yesterday and again today. Yesterday's make is the girl with the ballet shoes dancing as this is for a Summer Dance swap that I am on and the second one is for New Year cotw theme that I am in. I had this lovely Pohutakawa paper that seemed to work in well with the wine glasses and bottle of wine and the balloons are peel offs that just said they were right for this card as well.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Look what arrived at my place today and the album I did just before Christmas

I am getting good at this with two posts in one day but I wanted to be caught up before the end of the year on here and I think that I am going to be now which is really good.

Look what arrived in the mail for me today....what I have been waiting for for a month the 2009 Hero Arts Catalogue nad on the quick look that i have had through it am most impressed. Have already added to my wish list a couple of stamps that I would like to get.

Leading up to Christmas I brought this Kaisercraft album to do up the photos from the triple christening and my sister's 40th Wedding anniversary that we went to in September. I am rather pleased with my effort here I might add. I am now doing one up of Christmas Day 2008 so will share that here soon too.

More swap cards made today

Well here I am again trying to get up to date on my blog. Earlier today I posted a slideshow of our Christmas Day.

Its been extremely hot the last couple of days with temperatures over 30 degrees C so I have been getting up a lot earlier around 7.30am as its too hot to stay longer in bed and to keep cool in the rooms I have pulled the curtains across. Today as I write this now its a whole lot cooler and I might even be able to manage a bit of a walk as I need to do this.

I have got 3 more photos of cards to show you. Two are for card maps for different lists that I am on and one is another birthday card.

Here are the cards that I have made in the last day or so

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Blog make over and stuff

Well Christmas Day has been and gone and I am pleased its all over for another year as well. It was very low key but I didn't mind that too much either.

I have decided to give my blog a bit of a make over. My friend Libby has inspired me as well as give me some help to do this and now that I have done it it is a lot easier than I thought. I guess this was because I was scared I would loose my widgets and posts and didn't want this to happen.The next thing I am going to learn how to do is add a header (banner) to my blog. I am so glad that they have those codes as it certainly makes life a whole lot easier and one can then use different layout skins rather than the ones on Blogger itself.

Back to Christmas Day it was a quiet affaire with just the three of us. I couldn't get over how fast the day went actually and even the days following have gone fast too.

I got photos printed from the digital camera yesterday of Christmas Day and are going to put them in another Kaisercraft album that I brought to do this.

I have even done a few more cards for swaps for next year and for upcoming birthdays so will share these with you with this post as well.

Hope you are all having a good weekend too.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my blog readers and Internet Friends

A Very Merrry Christmas

Love from Carol and Family.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Working on swap themes for 2009

Hi all I have been having a very creative weekend this weekend as I am as organised for Christmas as I want to be as we are having a very low key affair again this year.

Yesterday being Saturday I decided to make a start on one of the groups that I belong to on their list of card of the week themes that I have now so I decided to do January and February colour combos and 4 elements themed cards. I had a great time doing these cards as well and spent all afternoon in the craft room. It gave me peace and quiet that I craved for with having Alastair and Murray playing the big computer or watching tv all day which got me kind of mad as to me what do you get out of doing that all day long.

I have also taken up crocheting again, just been playing with single and double crochet stiches the last day or so but have found an easy corchet pattern for neck warmers and are going to give this a go kind of getting a head start for next Winter you could say.

OK here are the cards that I did yesterday. What do you think??
The first two cards are the colour combo ones and the second two cards are the 4 elements themes that we had for January and February.

Friday, 19 December 2008

More shares to show

Well it is nice to be on holiday now.I have been even able to do some creating the last couple of days and can now show you some of the cards and the Fat Book page that I have done.

I used a couple the samples from class on Tuesday night as that involves partly embossing with the Swiss Dots embossing folder which has really become my favourite of late.

Hope you like my shares.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Card class and this and that

Hi there back again. Last night I went to my last card class for the year at Elsa's and had a lovely relaxing evening. We made yet another 4 really nice cards. 2 using the Cuttlebug folders and of course my favourite stamp company Hero Arts.These are the 4 cards that I did and can now show you
I have also just had a letter from the Christchurch eye clinic today telling me that I am a priority 1 patient in need of urgent cataract surgery and they have put me on that list and are guranteeing me my surgery within 6 months so we will have to wait and see as one hears about what happens in New Zealand hospital waiting lists but the really great thing is that once the cataracts are removed I will be able to see loads better than I am now that is for sure.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

I won another blog award this week

Hi all I am excited to tell you that my good friend Wendy at has presented me with this Proximate award this week as my blog has inspired her through the year

This award"These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
I have chosen my up to 8 people that I wish to receive this award as their blogs have inspired me as well. They are Donna at Cardsketchady at Stampingowl at Fiona Maxwell at

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New slideshow

Hi all well thought I would put a post to coincide with the slideshow that I had uploaded last night but for some reason wasn't working on my blog.
I have been busy over the last few days doing cards for swaps and also birthday cards. I decided that I would use one of my favourite card styles from the classes that I have gone to over this year this is why I have called the slideshow 1 card 5 different ways I have used.It is such an easy fold to use that I know in the coming weeks ahead it is one that I will use lots.
Do go and take a peak I know you will like what you see.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

A recipe to share with you

Hi all I have decided to share with you all a recipe that I made yesterday. We in New Zealand and Australia call them scones so not sure what anybody else calls them but these were really nice to eat and also suitable for Diabetics as well.

Here is the recipe:

Honey and Soda Water scones

4 cups of self raising flour 1 cup of soda water

1 cup of light evaporated milk 1 tablespoon runny honey

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.Sift the flour into a bowl,add soda water,evaporated milk and runny honey, stir gently to just combined and into a soft dough.

Turn dough onto a floured surface.don't over knead otherwise scones will turn out heavy. Gently pat the dough out and cut into squares. Place on a tray and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.


and here is the photo of the scones that I made.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Playing catch up again

Hi there well I have been sick this week with a tummy bug which knocked me for a sixer I can tell you. Just starting to feel better today after vomitting all day yesterday and the day before that running to the loo all day. I even spent the day in bed yesterday and I aren't a person to do that so must have been really sick. Well Murray (DP) thinks I look better today so that is good too.
Could have been doing some respite work again this morning but had to turn it down this time but I know that there is more coming so not to worry.
Next Friday 28 I am back helping at the Red Cross shop as a volunteer so am looking forward to that as I did enjoy doing when i was doing it.
Well guess I had better get off here now just wanted to let you know about me and what had been happening.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dramatic weather for this time of the year

Hi all well time for a bit of a family ramblings from me this time.

Monday 17th we had the most dramatic of all thunderstorms that I can recall having here in Ashburton.

It was really awful I can tell you that much and I hope that I never have to go through anything as scarey as that was believe me. The thunder and lightening rolled around for a good couple of hours and then came the hail. The stones were as big as golf balls and after it had finished it just looked like a snow fall as you will see by the pictures I am showing with this post. It did a lot of damage in town here and the insurance firms have been busy with claims from people affected with damaged cars and broken windows. We were lucky with only two lots broken on the house but the clearlite sheets on the lean to at the back of the garage was completed shredded and you should see the front steps at the front door where the golf ball hail stones hit its absolutely pitted now.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Playing again

Hi all just thought I would touch base again with some more cards that I have been making over this week. This time I have concentrated on Birthday cards, well one card was used as a birthday card and this is the green floral window card with the brown and cream flowers attached in the center with a brad. The pink window card is what I have done for an "embellishment swap" that I am on on one of my Yahoo groups.The last card which is the brown birthday card is one that I was playing with with my borders Cuttlebug folders and this is what I came up with. I am really happy with the completed result as well.

Weather wise it has been extremely hot here today definitely Summer time for us now for sure and typical of a Canterbury "show week" kind of weather as well.

Alastair has just missed out on the trainee check out job at the New World supermarket but they told him they are keeping his details on file so that can't be too bad can it.

Ok now to show you the photos of those cards I have playing at creating this week.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Birthday day and another card making class

Well here I am back again after a fairly hectic kind of week for this one just gone.

I started off with a Diabetes committee meeting on the Monday 3rd November in the evening where we were sorting out things for the Diabetes Awareness week which is from the 18th November through to 24th November I think the dates are.

If you go to this link you will find out more of what happens around New Zealand for Diabetes Awareness week.

Tuesday afternoon i went to my local scrapbook/cardmaking shop at ScrapHappy Ashburton for our monthly Cuttlebug card making class. There were only two of us at this class this time , they were me and my friend Jan so as Alison our tutor said we would have personalised tutoring which we did and made 4 more lovely cards as well.The first card we made at class was on a brown base with a fawn cuttlebugged piece of card using one of my favourite Cuttlebug folders Swiss Dots, then using a white metallic piece of card we cuttlebugged this piece using the Divine swirls, we matted in light brown and used one part of the vintage corners dies. Very effective don't you agree.The second card was as a Christmas card and we used the Dandelion die and cut out the square on this reversible paper then we used the red danelion as the cenerpiece and the lovely brown toned flowers to the center of this. Another simple and effective way for a christmas card.The third card was using the vintage corner dies the swirly ones this time and we added red rhinestones to the centers here and also used a chipboard scalloped circle with the words Make a wish but the "make a" part came off but still looks pretty good don't you think?? The last card was using the bird call embossing folder which I had been considering buying for a while but didn't know what I could do with it so using it at class made me finish up by buying it .

Wednesday 5th November was my birthday but it was a very low key day. We went through to Christchurch shopping for stamping related goodie. We went to Denny's restauarant for a lovely lunch and all in all it was a great day.

Take a look at the cards I did I am proud of what I did this time

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Chat and cards

Hi I am here again with another general update and some cards and atcs to share with you. The cards I have made and the atcs are from my friend Donna for one of the groups that we are on together
The result of my eye appointment on Tueswday was not all that good and my cataracts especially the left eye one will need surgery in the near future and the eye doctor will see me again in March next year and we will take it from there for that.
Alistair is causing me a bit of a headache just now as he is always on the big computer playing games and it caused me to rant and rave at him this afternoon as all he has done today is either play games on the computer and watch TV. He hadn't even been outside which I think is shocking for a 17 year old but how does one try and get him to do other things. I want him to read and do stuff like that but then aren't too sure if he can even read properly either as I am fast learning that he cannot spell. I think that his foster care life has not been the greatest at all for him and he has also been a bit of a problem kid from the time he went into care as well. Well these are my observations from the short time that he has been here.
thank goodness I have things that I can do to fill in my days like my bible study, my card making classes and of course my card making. Believe me I do not regret growing up in the 60's and 70's one little bit as at least we learned about life and other stuff and at 17 I felt very mature.
Well that's my little vent for the day. Now to share with you the latest cards that I have been able to make. One is a Get Well card for a Diabetes member's hubby recovering from an operation, another card is a Fall card for a swap I am on and another card is for a themed cotw for yet another group I am on called How much is that doggie in the window" and for this one I used a nestabilites frame that I recycled from my stash, cut out some acetate to make a window then stamped the image onto the base card and stamped the Live well sentiment on the front of the frame.
The atcs were for a theme of atcs that were of similar nature and for this one Donna chose Fruits of the Seasons and these were very well done I might add.
Till next time then..............

Monday, 27 October 2008

Up to date with October swaps yah!!!

Well I have had a great holiday weekend this weekend just finished. We went down to the video shop yesterday and got out some dvds so yesterday afternoon I spent watching a Danielle Steel DVD called Safe Harbour and it was good to be able to just sit and watch a whole DVD for once. I am going to also watch Becoming Jane as I haven't really seen it all either.

I did get all my October swaps up to date today and now all I have to do is a couple of return 1-4-1's and that's it for the month.

On the Trade Me side of things I have just one stamp letf to sell out of this lot of stamps and are waiting to hear back from the fixed offer that I put up.

Here are a couple of cards that I did today. One is a cuttllebug Christmas card that was part of a Yahoo groups swap and the other is a technique of the month swap using the "Soot technique" which I really like to do.
Have a great week.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

This week just gone

ell another busy week has all but finished an now we are onto a long holiday weekend for us in New Zealand.
I haven't got much planned so will just take it quietly and relax a lot. The weather doesn't sound all that great for us either and today as I sit writing this its overcast and trying to rain.
I went to card class again Tuesday night and we made another four cards using different punches. I will share them with you with this post so that you can see what I did there.
I have been busy selling old Christmas stamps on Trade me and that has been going good too. I am planning on using the money from these to buy more supplies when I go up to Christchurch for my birthday on 5th November. You could say this will be my birthday present to me. That way I get things that I know I can make use of. I hope to get some more Cuttlebug folders and dies.
Next week is busy as well. I have to visit the Diabetic eye doctor and that kind of makes me a tad nervous as I am not sure what is happening with my cataracts I only know that when I go outside in the sun its very very glary for me.
On Wednesday night we have our last Open meeting for Diabetes for the year and its a cooking demonstration for Healthy foods for Diabetics so that should be interesting too.
Alistair is enjoying the YMCA classes so that is good and last night he made dessert for us Piklets......yum!!
Well better get off here now. Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers