Sunday, 6 January 2008

forgot to mention the new goodies

Forgot to mention about the new goodies that I got on my shopping day on Friday and a mail order that arrived as well just before we left. My wonderful Adirondack dabbers arrived and I really like the colours that I got, I know that there is Wild Plum and Raspberry and I think the third one was Sherbet. The raspberry one goes with the new Raspberry inkpad that I brought in Christchurch on Friday. Really would like the Wild Plum inkpad now but will have to wait as it appears to have been popular in the lead up to Christmas. I brought a good sized container full of those wonderful flowers not the Prima ones but the Bazzill itty bitty blossoms they are called. I tend to being these kinds of flowers heaps on my cards at the present time. I also picked up 3 cheapie stamps 2 from Spotlight one from The Warehous, and there were some mini slide mounts, bazzill cardstock in green tones with co ordinating striped DaisyD designer paper and then I got a large box of envelopes from Warehouse Stationery which will keep me going for a very long time also got printing A5 paper from there too as its much cheaper than what we pay here. Oh and I did pick up two single lots of different sized coils for the Bind it all.The only thing that annoyed me about the whole day was the fact that the very cardmaking shop I wanted to go to was still closed for the holidays and they open again tomorrow. I think this means that I will have to make another trip up therein the next couple of weeks as I badly need to stock up on cardstock and the other goodie bits they have at that shop plus maybe another Adirondack inkpad or two as the ones that are out now are fabulous colours aren't they.

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