Friday, 4 January 2008

Revamped blog new card samples

Hi there well decided to revamp the blog and get it back running today.Had a day shopping in Christchurch but the only downer to otherwise a good day was that my favourite card making shop Cardmakers wasn't open so that was a huge disappointmnet for me but still managed to spend $'s.
Got my new Adirondack dabb ers from wEndy today and have already tried them out. the Wild Plum I used to pain all over a small canvas that I am going to alter. I love the colurs that I have brought from Wendy and will be ordering more that is for sure.
The Cards_R_Us group that I belong to have been very chatty whilst away today but the girls have been doing more cards and that is sure great to see.
Well its time to download a picture now of a card that i have made over the last day so will do that and call it a day.
Hopefully will be back to update and upload again tomorrow.

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