Tuesday, 19 February 2008

atcs I recently made

Here are 3 different Love/romance atcs that I have done for a February swap. I needed to get back into my card making after not feeling up to doing anything much last week and I find that doing atcs like this is the kind of inspiration that I need to get motivated again.

I reckon I have done not too bad a job at them either.

more cards from me

Here is the first 5 cards that I have done using the one sheet wonder template. Its taken me a while to work through these but are getting them complete. I just have two more to complete now

Recent cards and atcs that I have made

Here is a Christmas card that I did last night. Very simple as I used some of my scrapbook tag embellishments that I had.

The atcs are for a February swap for Love/Romance. I really like the way they came out as well.

Let me know your views as well

Been missing a few days

Hi there sorry that I haven't been around this last week just going through a difficult time just now but have found out the real cause and it appears I am at menopaus.( Oh no that means I am getting old now.LOL) so back to the doctor today to get some medication to help me cope with it all.
Haven't done a lot of card making just the weekly cotw themes for a couple of my internet lists that I am on.
Last night I did get motivated enough to do 3 Love/romance atcs for a swap and another very easy Christmas card.
I now have two Christmas cards made so that makes me feel good.
You will also notice that I have added a guestbook and a slideshow to my blog as well. The slideshow will mainly feature cards from my Web shots albums but will try and add other pics once I get the hang of doing it from other sources.
Till next time then.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Show and tell time again

Well back again with some more of my art work done in the last few days.

Haven't felt like doing much as I have had some health issues but they are now coming right again for me and I am feeling more like doing every day things again now.

I am uploading a couple of cards that I have recently done for swaps.

Please do take the time to view these as well and feel free to comment on them too. I am planning on having a blog candy contest for when I reach my 500th hit to say thank you to all of those of you that come to view my blog.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Cards made yesterday- Waitangi Day

Ok I promised those cards that I did yesterday plus a couple that I had completed a few days ago and just getting round to putting them on the blog.

New Zealand Day

Hi there thought I would do another little update for now. Yesterday was Waitangi Day or New Zealand Day here in New Zealand so I trust that all Kiwis
(New Zealanders) had a nice relaxing day off. I did after I came right from being sick over night. Not sure if it were food poisoning or not as Murray and I went out for dinner for his birthday the night before and in the early hours of yesterday morning I woke up with a severe headache, sweating and then was sick. Was a while before I came right again though. Amazing how much a shower can help there I reckon and some sunshine as well.
I did manage to do two or three cards needed for swaps so all was not lost for me. Haven't taken photos of them yet but will do so and add them here some time today.
Back to finish the emails now.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

My completed bind it all book

Another post this time with pictures of my completed bind it all book that I did for a swap I was in. my partner was very happy with it so now I can share it with you all as well.

Time to blog again

Well here we are already into February. Hadn't realised it had been a few days since I last blogged so will have to make up for that now I think.

We have been havign some very hot days here in the last week so haven't felt like doing a lot apart from what had to be done plus some more cleaning at the craft and technology centre where I have my little part time job there. Hope to go back and do some more today with Murray doing the outside windows for me. Luckily for me the classes themselves don't start there for another week so this coming week will still go in each day and just keep it up to date.

All going well Murray could be starting a temporary 6 week job this coming week. Just waiting to hear from the Personnel placements team as to when.

My KYB or Know your bible study group is due to start back for the year on the 11th February and Raewyn dropped in our first study book for the year to me last night so now this coming week I can work on that.

I have managed to do some cards this last week and also finally was able to get my Bind it All swap book completed and in the mail and Rachel my partner really liked what I did so that was a relief I can tell you.

I am also uploading some cards and stuff here now as well so do take a look and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

I see that one or two of you already have and this is good.

Until next time.