Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Been missing a few days

Hi there sorry that I haven't been around this last week just going through a difficult time just now but have found out the real cause and it appears I am at menopaus.( Oh no that means I am getting old now.LOL) so back to the doctor today to get some medication to help me cope with it all.
Haven't done a lot of card making just the weekly cotw themes for a couple of my internet lists that I am on.
Last night I did get motivated enough to do 3 Love/romance atcs for a swap and another very easy Christmas card.
I now have two Christmas cards made so that makes me feel good.
You will also notice that I have added a guestbook and a slideshow to my blog as well. The slideshow will mainly feature cards from my Web shots albums but will try and add other pics once I get the hang of doing it from other sources.
Till next time then.

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