Sunday, 2 March 2008

Back up and running again

Well big apologies from me as it has been nearly 3 weeks since I have posted anything here at my blog but over this time I have been very sick and did not feel like doing my blog at this time and in fact just seemed to muddle along and not do a great deal.

I am now recovered and feeling pretty good again have over this last weekend gradually caught up on things including card swaps and tidy ups too.

Cannot believe that March is here already and down here in New Zealand it is now Autumn and today has been very much that kind of day. A good day for being inside and making cards which I have done.

Life itself is getting busy again for me and the weeks just seem to speed by. I think we are all finding this out aren't we.

To all of my internet friends who have recently had surgery I wish you well for speedy recoveries. For all who have been suffering from flue and stuff hurry up and get well as well. Nothing worse than feeling yuck is there. Not sure about the rest of you but for me when I am feeling down the best medicine for me is to make cards but unfortunately this time I only just what was needed to be done, done.

Any rate time for a card or two now.

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