Wednesday, 12 March 2008

new cards to show and tell plus update on me

Well I have managed to get back to my blog again after having trouble with logging on over the last week or so. I think they must have been having trouble this last week so am giving this a go tonight.

Health wise I am back to normal again and feeling really good. Today I managed to do the school cleaning without Murray's help and feel good on that too.

I am really enjoying my card making these days and in particular doing these page maps or card sketches that seem to be all the rage in the stamping world at present.

I have also just made for my Aunty a special Easter book because on Easter Sunday she also celebrates her birthday so I thought this would also act as a birthday present to her and of course I used my Bind it all machine as well.

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WendyP said...

well done Carol - your book and all your cards look wonderful. Sending love and prayers your good health continues. hugs