Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I'm here again

Well here we are the middle of the week again. Its been a good week for me so far. I finished my term clean on Monday so that was good.

I have managed to get some cards made for swaps over the last couple of days so will so you these with this post as well. One is your favourite flower for a Mother's Day swap card. I used the Cuttlebug with this card and the Textile embossing folder which is fast becoming my favourite embossing folder. It seems to have an elegant feel about it I think.

I got my appointment today for the Urologist I have to go to the hospital and have an endoscope put into my bladder to check out why I am having these bladder infections and one of the things the doctor is concerned about is and wants to eliminate is Cancer so all of those of you who read my blog please say some healing prayers for me between the 15th and 20 May as on the 15 May I have to have an ultra sound for the kidneys and then a few days later its followed by this endoscopy examination which I am not looking forward to I can tell you but I will try and keep positive that all will be ok, I just get so sick of all the continuous tests for this thing or that thing and yet I know my doctor is trying to do things right by me.

Oh well that is my moan for the day. Will upload that photo and then get off here as I have our annual general meeting for our local Diabetes society tonight.

See ya soon.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Time to update again

Well where has this last week gone too HUH. Its sped by just as quick as what last week did I reckon.

So far with my school term clean I have managed to get the cooking room completed this week and also made a start on the woodwork room.

I hope to go back in tomorrow and do some more on that room as well.

I had a lovely day out with my friend Jan yesterday in Christchurch. Managed to do a bit of damage money wise but hey what the heck it was my money that wasn't marked for anything else but card making stuff. I think I spent just on $200 all up. I stocked up on cardstock, a few designer papers that took my eye a new Adirondack Sail Blue inkpad, some embossing powders that were going cheap seeing as I am back into doing more embossing at the present time. I wasn't going to buy any stamps but finished up with 4 new ones. One was a really nice verse stamp, an Eiffel tower stamp to use with my travel themed swaps, a fishing stamp and a Dream stamp. Think I might be right for a while with stamps and cardstock so probably the only thing that I will need to get is embellishments as I didn't see a lot that I liked or else they had no price on them.

I have made a few cards this week as well, another Christmas card, a page map challenge card, a Cuttlebug birthday card and a card of the month themed card that is for a swap that I am on.

These will be uploaded at the end of this post so I do hope that you all go take a look as well.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Another week gone

Here I am again . Gosh where has this week gone too then. Mind you I have been rather busy again.

Today was great though I managed to spend time in the craft room doing some creating. I was also trying out my new Stampin Up stamps that I have just picked up this morning and I have to say I made a great choice in the two sets that I have just brought too I think.

Have just completed my first altered Coaster for a friend who is having a birthday early in May.

I am more than happy with the finished artilce too I might add. Now I have started another one for another friend having a birthday early in May, both ladies belong to one of the lists that I also belong too.

Ok here is the Altered Coaster.

What do you think.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Now I am back to normal again

Well where are the days going to HUH. Can't believe it is the 13th April already and I have been missing in action once again but with reason to. I was doing some care support work last weekend and didn't have time to update my blog so this morning I decided it was time to do so.

I have purchased some more new stamps one lot was through Trademe and they are in a Christmas theme so have them to try out some time today all going well plus I am currently working on an altered coaster. This is the first time that I have done anything like this so hope that it turns out ok.

I got my appointment time in the mail yesterday for my Ultrasounds on my kidneys and bladder but it isn't until the 15th May so still a month away but I don't mind those ultra sounds they are nothing really. I just hate having to have nothing to eat till afterwards though so hope that I don't have any lows over that time as well as that could prove tricky for me.

I am also going to try acupuncture later this week as my massage lady suggested that I give this a go so I am going to do so.

I have some photos of Fluffy my cat and the different ways she sleeps on the chair and the sofa when the log fire is on.

Also another Christmas card that I have done in this last week.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

More cards

Back again. Life certainly has been busy for me the last week that is why I haven't been able to keep the blog up to date.

I am going to be busy with some extra work over the next few days so will only be home to sleep and away again over the next four days. I have been planning what I am going to take with me in case I have time to fill in particularly in the early evenings.

Time to show and tell again so hope you like what I am going to show