Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I'm here again

Well here we are the middle of the week again. Its been a good week for me so far. I finished my term clean on Monday so that was good.

I have managed to get some cards made for swaps over the last couple of days so will so you these with this post as well. One is your favourite flower for a Mother's Day swap card. I used the Cuttlebug with this card and the Textile embossing folder which is fast becoming my favourite embossing folder. It seems to have an elegant feel about it I think.

I got my appointment today for the Urologist I have to go to the hospital and have an endoscope put into my bladder to check out why I am having these bladder infections and one of the things the doctor is concerned about is and wants to eliminate is Cancer so all of those of you who read my blog please say some healing prayers for me between the 15th and 20 May as on the 15 May I have to have an ultra sound for the kidneys and then a few days later its followed by this endoscopy examination which I am not looking forward to I can tell you but I will try and keep positive that all will be ok, I just get so sick of all the continuous tests for this thing or that thing and yet I know my doctor is trying to do things right by me.

Oh well that is my moan for the day. Will upload that photo and then get off here as I have our annual general meeting for our local Diabetes society tonight.

See ya soon.

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