Monday, 26 May 2008

At last I am back

Well I seemed to have trouble getting on here over the weekend so decided to try again just now and Yippee I made it in so time to play catch up today.

I have had a reasonably busy weekend with one thing or another but I did find time to play and make some cards mainly for swaps but also one or two for Christmas cards so am getting on with my 2008 Christmas cards now.

Well I am away for a 5 day holiday later in the week. It means no email, no Murray just lots of relxation well hopefully as my friend and I plan to see some craft shops around the area we are going to and also go to a craft fair on the Saturday. I will be getting my digital camera ready too and hopefully able to take loads of photos while away.

Ok here are some more photos of cards made recently. do take a look

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Brr its cold out Baby!!!

Yep it sure is (cold is what I mean) and a good evening to stay inside beside the roaring log fire being nice and cosy.

The week is all but over again and this time next week I will be on my well earned 5 day break away. Boy am I looking forward to that for sure as its ben so long since I have been away like this.

Have done more cards with the Cuttlebug today as I am finishing off a Cuttlebug card swap that I have been in.

Will add a couple of cards at the end of this post so do please go and take a look won't you.

See ya soon.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Health update time on me

Well today was the day I had to go and have not an Endoscopy but a Cystoscopy at the Urology Clinic at the hospital here and I can now report that kidneys and bladder are all fine. The only thing now is to complete a 6 week course of Anti biotics and it will all be fine again so I am really pleased and very thankful that there was no sign of cancer or any other horrible thing to be found. It was very interesting though especially when I could see on the big computer screen what was happening. And to top it off I felt fine afterwards so that is my good news of the week really but I just wanted to drop by and let ya all know about it.
Catch ya all soon.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Thank God it is Saturday again

Gee another week has sped by. It seems like it is still last Saturday but there have been those days in between or was it because I had a week of doing things like the Stampin Up Cuttlebug class Wednesday morning and then the Ultrasound for kidneys and bladder Thursday morning.
Now its Saturday afternoon again.
Its lovely and sunny out but boy we had another good frost this morning that is for sure.
I hope to have some time in my craft room this afternoon playing catch up with card swaps and working on some new things as well.
I want to try more from my Wallpaper sample books that I brought during the week. They go good through the Cuttlebug embossing folders especially the plain wallpaper samples the florals and other stuff aren't near as clear but can still be used as well.
I am wanting to try the Faux Cloisonne technique on glossy magazine paper and embossing powder to.
Well that's it from me for now. Catch ya later.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Stampin Up class day yesterday

Well I had a great morning up at Methven our local ski resort town yesterday with my friend Janet when we went up for Alison's Cuttlebug Stampin Up class.

We made 4 cards for the morning and I enjoyed making all four and as well enjoyed the Stampin Up stamps that we used for these projects.

After our class that morning Jan and I went into the village and found a nice cafe and had lunch there and then headed back into town again.

Jan has also asked me to come with her up to Nelson on our next holiday weekend to house sit for her friends up there so at this stage we be away for five days so that will be great for me as I haven't had a complete break like this in absolutely ages. No computer, no school cleaning work no Murray for 5 whole days. I also know it will be on benefit to both Murray and I to have this time apart as well. I already feel good after having last week out of town doing that little bit of extra work that I did.

This morning I went up to the hospital for my kidneys and bladder ultrasound. It took all of 15 minutes and was nothing really. Now to wait to see what the results are if any.

I have been busy playing in my craft room today. I have done a technique using acetate and tissue kind of like the Caught in Crystal technique but a heck of a lot easier. Will show pictures of that when I have finally completed the card.

I also have just decorated some of this paper lace stuff that came with my quilling order from Australia today. What I did was used one of my ink cubes and swiped it down the paper lace. I will next add it to the card. So quick so easy.

Well that's it for today now for the photos from class yesterday.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

More musings from me

Well we are now into another week and its been good for me so far even though its been mighty cold with a couple of really good frosts the last couple of mornings as well. This morning was a beaut one so much so that Murray put the log fire on early so the house is now feeling nice and warm.

I got too yesterday and made about 4 cards so had a productive day that way.

Today I went into Bunnings here in town and got some 4 inch paint card samples in different colours and ran them through the Cuttlebug. I must say I am impressed with how they turned out and will make great card backgrounds. One I tried through the Nestabilites and it worked alright so I am using it for a "paste" swap that I am on. I then went to the rEsene Paint shop on the way to do my school cleaning this afternoon and got two of their deleted wallpaper sample books and are going to try these through the Cuttlebug as well and of course tomorrow being Wednesday I am going to Methven with my friend Jan for the Stampin Up Cuttlebug class so can't wait to see what Alison has planned for us this time and I will show on here what we get done so keep watching this space.

Now for some more cards to show you as well.

See ya soon.

Monday, 12 May 2008

My weekend just gone

Well I am back here again after a busy weekend doing respite care support work. I enjoyed it even with the minor dramas that we had. My biggest concern leading up to going out of town to do this was giving the lady her medication and making sure I did it right but it worked out good and I had no problems in that department.

Saturday afternoon I had heaps of spare time as the lady i was looking after slept all afternoon so I got a lot of card making stuff done as I had taken out with me some cards to make plus my teab bag folding and quilling to do. I managed to make three teabag medallions but haven't put them on cards yet and I got a couple more quilling coils done too so just about enough of these to make up into a card over the coming week.

I did also get two cards made for different swaps plus the 6 alphabet atcs that I had to do for another swap list that I am in.

All in all a good weekend and I enjoyed caring for the lady and getting to know her daughter a lot more as well. I am kind of going on a once a month basis for a short time so that will be good. Its good for Murray and me too as we get a break from each other this way as well.

I found out yesterday that my brother Alan has another harness racing horse starting out and it was having its first race at Timaru yesterday. It came 6th so didn't disgrace him by any means. I also see that Alan's son my nephew Alistair is a part owner this time with Alan and my sister in law Louise so this will be another horse for us to follow even though we don't bet its just nice to follow Alan's horses journeys.

Time to add some more card photos now

Friday, 9 May 2008

Picture of Fluffy the cat

Hi me again here is a photo of Miss Fluffy the cat enjoying sleeping on the sofa in front of our log burner fire. I am amazed at the differenet poses that she gets into in doing so

Where has the week gone to

Hi I am back again and didn't realise that its been a week since I was here. Time time is just whizzing by at the moment I reckon and I know that I aren't the only one who is noticing it either.

Well my new Rectangle Nestabilities arrived by courier yesterday afternoon and I just love them. Have already used them a couple of times just to make sure they work properly you see.

I made the cat card using both the nestability die and the new cat die that I got at the same time. Hasn't this card turned out super. Well I think so.

I'm getting ready to go and do some more respite care this week. Just as well its not all the time just one offs which suits me fine.

Next week I have my kidney ultrasound appointment to go to and then the week after is the Endoscopy for the bladder so will be happy when these two medical appointments are out of the way that is for sure.

On next Wednesday morning my friend Jan and I are going to Methven to Alison's Stampin Up Cuttlebug class which we are both looking forward to doing more with our Cuttlebugs so will share what we make at that class after we come home.

I hope that you enjoy the card I am going to show on here as well.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Cuttlebug cards using the small embossing folders

Here are two cards that I have made in the last day or so using the Cat embossing folders from the Cuttlebug range. These are the set of four that you get.

When I first went and tried these folders out I wondered for a start why I had brought them but after finding out more about them through the New Zealand Cuttlebug_Inspirations group that I have recently joined I redid the blue one by just outlining the embossing with a blue Gel pen that I have. It stands out more this way now. Also with the other cat card I made it stand out more by using these flower type sequins on it. Now I can say that I am happy to have brought this set. I am also eyeing up the Christmas set of 4 embossing folders as I think that would have a lot of uses for when I am doing my 2008 Christmas cards.

Here are the cards that I did using these folders

Stampin Up cards that I made

Here I am back again I made these two cards during the week for a Stampin Up themed swap that I signed up for on one of my lists. I really like this Beach themed group of stamps and at the present point of time they are my favourite Stampin Up stamps that I use.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Me again

Well I have managed to make it two days in a row this week in blogging.

I have had another good day today and did some more card making. This one is for a May page map challenge on one of my internet lists.

I really enjoyed doing this one and found it easy and fast to do as well. Have just about done another one in a Christmas theme and will share that in the next day or so.

Its been rather cold here today and tomorrow we are supposed to get a real polar blast so will wait and see what happens.