Monday, 12 May 2008

My weekend just gone

Well I am back here again after a busy weekend doing respite care support work. I enjoyed it even with the minor dramas that we had. My biggest concern leading up to going out of town to do this was giving the lady her medication and making sure I did it right but it worked out good and I had no problems in that department.

Saturday afternoon I had heaps of spare time as the lady i was looking after slept all afternoon so I got a lot of card making stuff done as I had taken out with me some cards to make plus my teab bag folding and quilling to do. I managed to make three teabag medallions but haven't put them on cards yet and I got a couple more quilling coils done too so just about enough of these to make up into a card over the coming week.

I did also get two cards made for different swaps plus the 6 alphabet atcs that I had to do for another swap list that I am in.

All in all a good weekend and I enjoyed caring for the lady and getting to know her daughter a lot more as well. I am kind of going on a once a month basis for a short time so that will be good. Its good for Murray and me too as we get a break from each other this way as well.

I found out yesterday that my brother Alan has another harness racing horse starting out and it was having its first race at Timaru yesterday. It came 6th so didn't disgrace him by any means. I also see that Alan's son my nephew Alistair is a part owner this time with Alan and my sister in law Louise so this will be another horse for us to follow even though we don't bet its just nice to follow Alan's horses journeys.

Time to add some more card photos now

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