Sunday, 29 June 2008

More Stampin Up cards

Here are four more cards that I made at a recent Stampin Up class on the 17th June. I really love this cute little owl stamp that we used and the branch stamp that we used with a couple of the cards that night. I finished up buying Alison's spare owl stamp as I had been eyeing for a while so now have my own.

The first card was made using Stampin Up products and a Hero Arts Best Wishes collage stamp.

This card we made could be used for a Male birthday card. You know how hard they are don't you.!!!!!

The second card the green one was using this fern and berries stamp not sure if it were Hero Arts or Stampin Up for this one but I did learn something new when we did this card as we used a blender pen with the Versacolour one inch ink pads. I have had a blender pen but didn't really know how to use it so since then have used it frequently. I may just have to get the Stampin Up ones some time soon I think. This card was done as a Thank You card by the way.

The next card is using that tiny Hero Arts owl stamp amd the branch stamp embellished with a tiny flower and brad and an any occasion sentiment. This was so quick and easy to make I have to say.

The final card we made at this class was the three owls on the branch card using Hero Arts stamps, and Stampin Up cardstock and colouring pencils. And another quick and easy card to make.

These classes are just great and I am learning so much from them as well plus at $10 for a class where we make usually 4 cards its great value for money as well.

Here are the four cards now for you to view

some cards made earlier this month

Here are 3 cards that I made earlier this month. The first one was a birthday card using a card sketch not sure where I got it from though and it was for my friend Joy. I like using these green colours they look so fresh.

The second card is for a weekly themed swap on one of the internet groups that I am on. That particular week the theme was wheels so I decided to go with the bicyle. This is a favourite stamp of mine that I need to use more often.

The last card in this post was a "freebie" swap on one of my internet lists. The hostess sent us these acrylic stamps to use on our cards. I had two to choose from so decided to use "imagine" and what I did was coloured in the word using Adirondack alcohol ink Raspberry and I used as embellishments these lovely pink gemstones and my small daisy punch for the pink flowers.

The hostess is going to have another of these swaps in August so think i will sign up for this again then.

here are the cards for you to enjoy

manila folder project I did

Here are shots of my take on the Manila folder project that was set for us on one of my internet lists.

I was happy with the way it turned out and so was my partner in this swap as well.

The new car photo

Here is our new car. I call it my bubble car and its in my provincal colours of Red and black.

Playing catch up at last

Well after a very big abscence I am back blogging again. I felt that I had blogged myself out and decided to take a break for a couple of weeks.
Life has been hectic here with lots happening as well. My holiday in Nelson seems a long time ago now but really it was only at the beginning of this month. I sure needed that break and feel better for it these days as well.
The diabetes is behaving itself for me and I feel in total control of it again and that has to be good for me.
I am even enjoying the school cleaning again and are doing what i consider to be an excellent job with it now. Term clean is upon me again as school holidays start on the 5th July with them going back on the 21st July.

Two big pieces of news to report on now. First up we now have a new car as last weekend we went through to Christchurch to our car dealers where we have brought the last two cars from and traded them in on a much smaller car now. We have a red and black Japanese import a Ford KA 2000 model. We have gone back to a 5 speed model rather than an automatic and this is also a better fuel saver for us now as well as we didn't really need two cars any more especially when one was for most of the time just sitting in the garage. The price of petrol is sky rocketing on a weekly basis just now so we had to do something and this is what we did. Will share a photo of it shortly.

The other big piece of news is that my step son is coming to spend these school holidays with us. I am feeling rather nervous about it all as its a completely new experience for me totally. will let you know how it all goes and hopefully be able to share some photos of Alistair as well. And its not as though he is a young kid he actually turns 17 the day before he arrives to stay.

Weather has been shocking of late. Very cold very wet and lucky for us no snow at this stage although Christchurch and Timaru cities have had their share this time but its not to say that we won't get any as we are only half way through the Winter months now.
Well on that note will end this for now and share some photos in added posts of the car and some of my cards and projects that I have been doing this month.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

More from me

Gee here I am doing two posts in one day but I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday well mainly yesterday afternoon.
Murray was in the garage chopping some wood yesterday afternoon when the axe slipped and got him on his right knee. He got a real nasty gash there which started bleeding profusly. He asked me to call the Ambulance so I did that and they came within minutes said that they couldn't do anything and rung the hospital emergency department who said that all they would do would be the same as what our local medical practice would do so they took him up there where they got too and cleaned the wound and instead of stitching as they normally would they brought the two raw edges together and bound them with steristrips. He is finding it rather painful though today and so has been having a real lazy day.

Oh and the other big thing for today was guess what we had SNOW. Not bad well not yet but when it was falling I have never seen such big big flakes as there were today.

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Holiday update from me

Hi all I am back yet again after a bit of a break from blogging and a holiday away for five days as well.
Last weekend I went up to Nelson at the top of the South Island with another stamping friend of mine Jan. We had a great time away with lots of craft shopping and some clothing shopping as well.
The only thing that marred the weekend away was on the drive up on the Thursday where I got stopped by a traffic cop for speeding I was only doing 16km over the 100km limit.....that cost $120 then he dirty toerag got me for breech of Drivers Licence I wasn't wearing my glasses and have never had to do so even though it was put into my licence details so that was $400 a total of $520. Just was thankful that Murray could pay it for me and I will pay him back. Oh and then I also got breathalysed as well but I hadn't been drinking as I don't any more with being a Diabetic but honestly that guy really had it in for me that day for sure and then as he was getting ready to leave said to me" Well have a nice rest of the day".

We went to a private stamping shop and had a ball at that shop brought a lot of things mostly stuff I needed and some really beautiful butterfly 12 x12 paper that has a glitter to it. It may be a long time before I will use it though as its just too nice to do so.

We visited the big red shed as we call The Warehouse but only brought clothes rather than anything crafty as they were just as bad there as we are here at our Warehouse superstore.
On the Saturday afternoon we went back into the city and went to Spotlight where I did more damage moneywise but they had a great range of Rhinestones so managed to get quite a few different colours of them. All in all I only brought one stamp and that was a verse stamp but also brought from Spotlight.
On the Monday we stayed at the place that we were house sitting and just pottered around and did a bit of crafting. I think I made two cards and layered up some Paper Tole things ready to make cards at a later date.
The trip back on Tuesday went really well and the time seemed to go by quite fast really i think because there wasn't as much traffic.
Its been hard to get back into the swing of things but I did get caught up with my card swaps so that was good.
Its a real Winter's Day here today so I am planning on getting into the craft room to make some cards for this week's coming swaps. And I was supposed to go out and do my care respite work out of town this weekend but had to cancel that. Will tell all on this in my next post later today