Saturday, 7 June 2008

Holiday update from me

Hi all I am back yet again after a bit of a break from blogging and a holiday away for five days as well.
Last weekend I went up to Nelson at the top of the South Island with another stamping friend of mine Jan. We had a great time away with lots of craft shopping and some clothing shopping as well.
The only thing that marred the weekend away was on the drive up on the Thursday where I got stopped by a traffic cop for speeding I was only doing 16km over the 100km limit.....that cost $120 then he dirty toerag got me for breech of Drivers Licence I wasn't wearing my glasses and have never had to do so even though it was put into my licence details so that was $400 a total of $520. Just was thankful that Murray could pay it for me and I will pay him back. Oh and then I also got breathalysed as well but I hadn't been drinking as I don't any more with being a Diabetic but honestly that guy really had it in for me that day for sure and then as he was getting ready to leave said to me" Well have a nice rest of the day".

We went to a private stamping shop and had a ball at that shop brought a lot of things mostly stuff I needed and some really beautiful butterfly 12 x12 paper that has a glitter to it. It may be a long time before I will use it though as its just too nice to do so.

We visited the big red shed as we call The Warehouse but only brought clothes rather than anything crafty as they were just as bad there as we are here at our Warehouse superstore.
On the Saturday afternoon we went back into the city and went to Spotlight where I did more damage moneywise but they had a great range of Rhinestones so managed to get quite a few different colours of them. All in all I only brought one stamp and that was a verse stamp but also brought from Spotlight.
On the Monday we stayed at the place that we were house sitting and just pottered around and did a bit of crafting. I think I made two cards and layered up some Paper Tole things ready to make cards at a later date.
The trip back on Tuesday went really well and the time seemed to go by quite fast really i think because there wasn't as much traffic.
Its been hard to get back into the swing of things but I did get caught up with my card swaps so that was good.
Its a real Winter's Day here today so I am planning on getting into the craft room to make some cards for this week's coming swaps. And I was supposed to go out and do my care respite work out of town this weekend but had to cancel that. Will tell all on this in my next post later today

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