Saturday, 7 June 2008

More from me

Gee here I am doing two posts in one day but I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday well mainly yesterday afternoon.
Murray was in the garage chopping some wood yesterday afternoon when the axe slipped and got him on his right knee. He got a real nasty gash there which started bleeding profusly. He asked me to call the Ambulance so I did that and they came within minutes said that they couldn't do anything and rung the hospital emergency department who said that all they would do would be the same as what our local medical practice would do so they took him up there where they got too and cleaned the wound and instead of stitching as they normally would they brought the two raw edges together and bound them with steristrips. He is finding it rather painful though today and so has been having a real lazy day.

Oh and the other big thing for today was guess what we had SNOW. Not bad well not yet but when it was falling I have never seen such big big flakes as there were today.

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