Sunday, 29 June 2008

Playing catch up at last

Well after a very big abscence I am back blogging again. I felt that I had blogged myself out and decided to take a break for a couple of weeks.
Life has been hectic here with lots happening as well. My holiday in Nelson seems a long time ago now but really it was only at the beginning of this month. I sure needed that break and feel better for it these days as well.
The diabetes is behaving itself for me and I feel in total control of it again and that has to be good for me.
I am even enjoying the school cleaning again and are doing what i consider to be an excellent job with it now. Term clean is upon me again as school holidays start on the 5th July with them going back on the 21st July.

Two big pieces of news to report on now. First up we now have a new car as last weekend we went through to Christchurch to our car dealers where we have brought the last two cars from and traded them in on a much smaller car now. We have a red and black Japanese import a Ford KA 2000 model. We have gone back to a 5 speed model rather than an automatic and this is also a better fuel saver for us now as well as we didn't really need two cars any more especially when one was for most of the time just sitting in the garage. The price of petrol is sky rocketing on a weekly basis just now so we had to do something and this is what we did. Will share a photo of it shortly.

The other big piece of news is that my step son is coming to spend these school holidays with us. I am feeling rather nervous about it all as its a completely new experience for me totally. will let you know how it all goes and hopefully be able to share some photos of Alistair as well. And its not as though he is a young kid he actually turns 17 the day before he arrives to stay.

Weather has been shocking of late. Very cold very wet and lucky for us no snow at this stage although Christchurch and Timaru cities have had their share this time but its not to say that we won't get any as we are only half way through the Winter months now.
Well on that note will end this for now and share some photos in added posts of the car and some of my cards and projects that I have been doing this month.

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