Monday, 7 July 2008

Snowfall July 2008

Well after thinking we would have a Winter free of snow this winter we got some on this last Saturday July 5th. It wasn't as much as in June 2008 but it was enough and could have been a lot worse especially with the blizzard conditions it was causing around the county.
I was out at my respite work and was panicking about thinking that I could have been snowed in there but thankfully Evelyn came back from town earlier and this allowed me to get back home again.
Unfortunately for me my respite work out of town has now ended as the lady concerned was going into permanent care from today.
Murray took some photos on the camera of the snow as it happened over the couple of hours at lunchtime Saturday that it fell. I am enclosing them with this particular post for all to see.
Not as bad as I know some of my American internet friends get but still Snow after all.

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