Monday, 27 October 2008

Up to date with October swaps yah!!!

Well I have had a great holiday weekend this weekend just finished. We went down to the video shop yesterday and got out some dvds so yesterday afternoon I spent watching a Danielle Steel DVD called Safe Harbour and it was good to be able to just sit and watch a whole DVD for once. I am going to also watch Becoming Jane as I haven't really seen it all either.

I did get all my October swaps up to date today and now all I have to do is a couple of return 1-4-1's and that's it for the month.

On the Trade Me side of things I have just one stamp letf to sell out of this lot of stamps and are waiting to hear back from the fixed offer that I put up.

Here are a couple of cards that I did today. One is a cuttllebug Christmas card that was part of a Yahoo groups swap and the other is a technique of the month swap using the "Soot technique" which I really like to do.
Have a great week.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

This week just gone

ell another busy week has all but finished an now we are onto a long holiday weekend for us in New Zealand.
I haven't got much planned so will just take it quietly and relax a lot. The weather doesn't sound all that great for us either and today as I sit writing this its overcast and trying to rain.
I went to card class again Tuesday night and we made another four cards using different punches. I will share them with you with this post so that you can see what I did there.
I have been busy selling old Christmas stamps on Trade me and that has been going good too. I am planning on using the money from these to buy more supplies when I go up to Christchurch for my birthday on 5th November. You could say this will be my birthday present to me. That way I get things that I know I can make use of. I hope to get some more Cuttlebug folders and dies.
Next week is busy as well. I have to visit the Diabetic eye doctor and that kind of makes me a tad nervous as I am not sure what is happening with my cataracts I only know that when I go outside in the sun its very very glary for me.
On Wednesday night we have our last Open meeting for Diabetes for the year and its a cooking demonstration for Healthy foods for Diabetics so that should be interesting too.
Alistair is enjoying the YMCA classes so that is good and last night he made dessert for us Piklets......yum!!
Well better get off here now. Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers

Monday, 20 October 2008

And yet ssome more cards to share

Hi its me again. I knew that I had some more card pics to show and tell and found them on my digital camera just a short time ago. There is another Waterfall card using some 3d sheets. The blue card is a 3 layers card depicting a winter theme.
The flower card is using my new Hero Arts flower stamp and a card sketch and is a Card of the month themed card for one of my lists that I am on. The last card with the pumpkins on it is for a Monday mailer swap that I am on.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Show and tell time

Hi all at last I have some time to get on the desk top computer and do an update here.
Once again another week has quickly gone and its getting closer to my 53rd birthday as well. We are going to Christchurch for the day to celebrate this year so I am looking forward to this day out very much.
My Caring caller work that I do for St John's continues to go well and i am hoping to do this for the church Pastoral Care team when Heather gets back from her holiday.
The latest news on Alistair is that he starts at the local YMCA tomorrow and works towards doing more for NCEA courses so that he can get a good job in the not too distant future.

I have another card making class this coming week. We are working with Punches this time and I can't wait to see what Alison has in store for us this time too.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What I have been doing recently

Hi there back again with some more cards to show you that I have done recently. One is of the Soot technique which i am finding really great to use at present and are practising it for a TOTM on one of my lists. Others that I have done are using card sketches and also for another group swap that I am on where we have to make three cards to get three back.
Enjoy the cards and have a great day.
Oh and an update on Alistair my step son. He didn't get the butcher's assistant job that he applied for but did get down to having a second interview which I think was really good for him. WE have enrolled him at the YMCA for classes so hope to hear from them today with the news that he is in there and will be able to complete is NCEA levels that he requires to continue to work in the food industry which is what he wants to do.
Now for the photos of those cards

Sunday, 5 October 2008

What I did for world Card Making Day

well yesterday was World card making day so i decided to do my part in it this year by making four cards. One was for a swap that I am on this coming week called A country of the world so I chose my own country New Zealand, then I did 2 birthday cards for a couple of people on my lists and then the last card I made was for a card sketch at now i hope this link comes right as I have trouble with these.