Tuesday, 14 October 2008

What I have been doing recently

Hi there back again with some more cards to show you that I have done recently. One is of the Soot technique which i am finding really great to use at present and are practising it for a TOTM on one of my lists. Others that I have done are using card sketches and also for another group swap that I am on where we have to make three cards to get three back.
Enjoy the cards and have a great day.
Oh and an update on Alistair my step son. He didn't get the butcher's assistant job that he applied for but did get down to having a second interview which I think was really good for him. WE have enrolled him at the YMCA for classes so hope to hear from them today with the news that he is in there and will be able to complete is NCEA levels that he requires to continue to work in the food industry which is what he wants to do.
Now for the photos of those cards

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