Saturday, 1 November 2008

Chat and cards

Hi I am here again with another general update and some cards and atcs to share with you. The cards I have made and the atcs are from my friend Donna for one of the groups that we are on together
The result of my eye appointment on Tueswday was not all that good and my cataracts especially the left eye one will need surgery in the near future and the eye doctor will see me again in March next year and we will take it from there for that.
Alistair is causing me a bit of a headache just now as he is always on the big computer playing games and it caused me to rant and rave at him this afternoon as all he has done today is either play games on the computer and watch TV. He hadn't even been outside which I think is shocking for a 17 year old but how does one try and get him to do other things. I want him to read and do stuff like that but then aren't too sure if he can even read properly either as I am fast learning that he cannot spell. I think that his foster care life has not been the greatest at all for him and he has also been a bit of a problem kid from the time he went into care as well. Well these are my observations from the short time that he has been here.
thank goodness I have things that I can do to fill in my days like my bible study, my card making classes and of course my card making. Believe me I do not regret growing up in the 60's and 70's one little bit as at least we learned about life and other stuff and at 17 I felt very mature.
Well that's my little vent for the day. Now to share with you the latest cards that I have been able to make. One is a Get Well card for a Diabetes member's hubby recovering from an operation, another card is a Fall card for a swap I am on and another card is for a themed cotw for yet another group I am on called How much is that doggie in the window" and for this one I used a nestabilites frame that I recycled from my stash, cut out some acetate to make a window then stamped the image onto the base card and stamped the Live well sentiment on the front of the frame.
The atcs were for a theme of atcs that were of similar nature and for this one Donna chose Fruits of the Seasons and these were very well done I might add.
Till next time then..............

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