Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Dramatic weather for this time of the year

Hi all well time for a bit of a family ramblings from me this time.

Monday 17th we had the most dramatic of all thunderstorms that I can recall having here in Ashburton.

It was really awful I can tell you that much and I hope that I never have to go through anything as scarey as that was believe me. The thunder and lightening rolled around for a good couple of hours and then came the hail. The stones were as big as golf balls and after it had finished it just looked like a snow fall as you will see by the pictures I am showing with this post. It did a lot of damage in town here and the insurance firms have been busy with claims from people affected with damaged cars and broken windows. We were lucky with only two lots broken on the house but the clearlite sheets on the lean to at the back of the garage was completed shredded and you should see the front steps at the front door where the golf ball hail stones hit its absolutely pitted now.

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