Saturday, 22 November 2008

Playing catch up again

Hi there well I have been sick this week with a tummy bug which knocked me for a sixer I can tell you. Just starting to feel better today after vomitting all day yesterday and the day before that running to the loo all day. I even spent the day in bed yesterday and I aren't a person to do that so must have been really sick. Well Murray (DP) thinks I look better today so that is good too.
Could have been doing some respite work again this morning but had to turn it down this time but I know that there is more coming so not to worry.
Next Friday 28 I am back helping at the Red Cross shop as a volunteer so am looking forward to that as I did enjoy doing when i was doing it.
Well guess I had better get off here now just wanted to let you know about me and what had been happening.

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