Sunday, 21 December 2008

Working on swap themes for 2009

Hi all I have been having a very creative weekend this weekend as I am as organised for Christmas as I want to be as we are having a very low key affair again this year.

Yesterday being Saturday I decided to make a start on one of the groups that I belong to on their list of card of the week themes that I have now so I decided to do January and February colour combos and 4 elements themed cards. I had a great time doing these cards as well and spent all afternoon in the craft room. It gave me peace and quiet that I craved for with having Alastair and Murray playing the big computer or watching tv all day which got me kind of mad as to me what do you get out of doing that all day long.

I have also taken up crocheting again, just been playing with single and double crochet stiches the last day or so but have found an easy corchet pattern for neck warmers and are going to give this a go kind of getting a head start for next Winter you could say.

OK here are the cards that I did yesterday. What do you think??
The first two cards are the colour combo ones and the second two cards are the 4 elements themes that we had for January and February.

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