Saturday, 31 January 2009

Some more cards that I have made

Well here we are at the end of January already. Gee where didthis month go to I wonder and what a month of weather extremes for us here in Mid Canterbury too everything from Hurricane force like wind storms to fierce thunder and lightening storms and two inces of rain within one hour. Is it Winter yet?? That is what I keep on saying oh and then we have had temperatures in the mid 30degrees as well.

Health wise I am feeling pretty good at the present time. I go back to my doctor for a Diabetic check up on Thursday 5th February.

I have just had notifiction by mail today that my Tai Chi for Diabetes class at our local night school starts on February 5th as well so am looking forward to this in the hope that it will help my diabetes even more.

I am really enjoying my card making just now too and have some more cards to share with you now as well.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

cuttlebug class and other stuff

Well I am back again with another blog entry. Gee where has the last week gone to as I had plans of doing this last week but we have been busy doing the term clean at ACTC and now its finished till I go in on the weekend and just spruce up the cooking room ready for start of term on Monday 2 February.

I had a lovely time at my morning cuttlebug class last Tuesday morning and made four lovely cards in the two hours that I was there. we only had four people in the class but it was nice that is for sure.

I will show the cards now that we made. I really like the one that is done with the spine on it that looks like a book page and the one using the vintage squares done in black purple and green.

I will add the last card made at class when I find in my scans at a later date.

Yesterday afternoon we had our Bible study social afternoon over at Rose's place. Just 6 of us were able to go but what a lovely peaceful time it was. Our afternoon group starts its study next Monday so am looking forward to this for sure.

Saturday 24th my friend Jan and I went up to Rolleston to Mary Anne's rubberstamping show room. What a really hot hot afternoon to choose to go but we made it and I managed to drive up and back which I haven't done in a very long time but got there. Had a good look at all that Mary Anne sells and did great damage to the $180 that I had allowed myself for spending coming home with still $50 in my pocket so that was good I reckon.

WE have had extremely hot days this last week temperature being up to the mid 30's C's so thankfully today is cooler and it has been raining as well.

Well time to get off the computer and make some cards and stuff now.

Monday, 19 January 2009

A New Week begins

WEll here I am back again with some more of the cards that I have created recently and to talk about life in general as well.

We had a huge and fierce thunderstorm here again late yesterday afternoon and in just under an hour got over 2 inches of rain with hail added in for the mix too. We had over 1000 lightening strikes too.

Today I started doing the term clean at the craft and technology centre with some help from Murray as well, that means that the cooking room is three quarters completed now. Sure makes it easier by putting the polsih down in layers and then just polishing it up for shine at the end.

Tomorrow morning I go for my first Cuttlebug class for 2009 over at Elsa's and are really looking forward to this too.

Next Saurday my friend Jan and I are going through to Rolleston to Mary Anne's shop that she has now got open can't wait for that either as I plan to have a good buy up of goodies as judging by what Mary Anne sells on Trade Me she has an awesome range of stamping and scrapbooking goodies .

Talking of Trade Me, I have put a few things up there for sale this last few days and they are selling like the latest book of Daneille Steel's that I put up it finished up selling for $14 and that surprised me but of course it is her latest book and a jolly good read as well.

I am going to use this money for my spend up on Saturday.

We have been having some problems with Alastair as he wants to go back to Wellington to his mates. Murray is kind of saying let me go but I am saying to him why not stay till he turns 18 in July and by then would have completed NCEA level 1. Today he started back at YMCA and has made a new friend so hopefully this will make him change his mind and stay. I know that Murray has fought hard to get him back into his life so keep your fingers crossed this remains so.

Well now for some show and tell again. Until nex time

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another week another blog entry and cards to share

Well I am back again to update this blog mainly because my service provider have had computer issues in the last 24 hours and I am kind of getting email withdrawals. Thank goodness I have this desktop computer to fall back on.

I can't believe that we are at the middle of January 2009 already. This month is going so fast as I think the whole year will do so as well.

Yesterday we helped Red Cross with Meals On Wheels. I really like helping with this service and we were lucky to get a good short area to do as well. Next Thursday I am working at the Red Cross second hand clothing shop so am looking at getting back into that and then from next month onwards I will be doing it on the third Friday of each month.

Bible study group starts back beginning of February to so just waiting for Raewyn to drop off the new study books and then I can really put my new NIV study Bible through its paces.

Have also signed up for a 9 week course at the local Night School for Tai Chi for Diabetes so am hoping to get a lot of benefit out of this also. These are the main things I want to do for 2009.

Diabetes wise I have changed my diet again and are finding that not only are the sugar levels getting down to normal but because I am eating lots of berry fruit which is giving me Vitamin and extra fiber it is also giving me more energy and has helped my eyesight recover from the eye infection I had at the beginning of December. Unfortunately the cataracts are still there and I am currently waiting for notification to have these removed some time within the next six months.

Card making wise I am doing extremely well and for three of my groups I have the card weekly themes done up to about the beginning of April now. Now this is a first for me I can tell you.

I received a couple of new stamps in the post today that I bid on at Trademe. This lady that I bid off has decided to open her show room so am hoping to get up and see her some time within the next week.

I've also decided to get rid of some more of my older stamps again that I haven't used in ages along with some of my Danielle Steel books too.

We watch Sky TV a lot so yesterday I decided to add the Movies section to Sky. This afternoon whilst on my own I am going to watch a movie called Open Season.

Well time for show and tell now. The first card is another 4 elements card. Its really turned out better than I thought too.

Love to hear your comments on my blog and I am hoping to give it a fresher look again in the next few days. Take Care

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

More show and tell time

Well the week is already half gone now and next week looks like it will be a kind of full week for me as well.

I was rungt today and asked to help deliver Meals on Wheels for the Red Cross group next Wednesday at lunch time so Murray and i will do this together, one drives and the otherruns in with the packed meals from the hospital kitchen and its something we both like to do as well. Then on the Friday morning of that week I go and work in the local Red Cross shop for the morning.

The cards I have made are all for current swaps that I am in and there are also 5 atcs that I have made in the last week as week. The green and white, brown and cream and pink and black are for one of my card making list January swaps. The pale blue Cuttlebug card was another 4 elements card that i had to make, one is a Valentine's card using my new Sizzix embossing folders which seem to make a very clear embossed card I think. the white black and a touch of red is for the same group as the 3 colour combo atcs that I did and the bird call Cuttlebug card also for that same group but you had to use something with gold hence the gold ribbon.

Now to show the cards.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Blog anniversary

Hi all well today I have been blogging here for just a year. I have really enjoyed blogging to and of course plan to continue as well.

To recognise this event I have some Blog Candy to award to the best answer to the person who gives me their best reason for viewing my blog so please leave your comment on my blog here with your email address so that I can email back to you and get your postal address to send you a little surprise package to say thank you for making my blog happen.