Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another week another blog entry and cards to share

Well I am back again to update this blog mainly because my service provider have had computer issues in the last 24 hours and I am kind of getting email withdrawals. Thank goodness I have this desktop computer to fall back on.

I can't believe that we are at the middle of January 2009 already. This month is going so fast as I think the whole year will do so as well.

Yesterday we helped Red Cross with Meals On Wheels. I really like helping with this service and we were lucky to get a good short area to do as well. Next Thursday I am working at the Red Cross second hand clothing shop so am looking at getting back into that and then from next month onwards I will be doing it on the third Friday of each month.

Bible study group starts back beginning of February to so just waiting for Raewyn to drop off the new study books and then I can really put my new NIV study Bible through its paces.

Have also signed up for a 9 week course at the local Night School for Tai Chi for Diabetes so am hoping to get a lot of benefit out of this also. These are the main things I want to do for 2009.

Diabetes wise I have changed my diet again and are finding that not only are the sugar levels getting down to normal but because I am eating lots of berry fruit which is giving me Vitamin and extra fiber it is also giving me more energy and has helped my eyesight recover from the eye infection I had at the beginning of December. Unfortunately the cataracts are still there and I am currently waiting for notification to have these removed some time within the next six months.

Card making wise I am doing extremely well and for three of my groups I have the card weekly themes done up to about the beginning of April now. Now this is a first for me I can tell you.

I received a couple of new stamps in the post today that I bid on at Trademe. This lady that I bid off has decided to open her show room so am hoping to get up and see her some time within the next week.

I've also decided to get rid of some more of my older stamps again that I haven't used in ages along with some of my Danielle Steel books too.

We watch Sky TV a lot so yesterday I decided to add the Movies section to Sky. This afternoon whilst on my own I am going to watch a movie called Open Season.

Well time for show and tell now. The first card is another 4 elements card. Its really turned out better than I thought too.

Love to hear your comments on my blog and I am hoping to give it a fresher look again in the next few days. Take Care

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