Tuesday, 27 January 2009

cuttlebug class and other stuff

Well I am back again with another blog entry. Gee where has the last week gone to as I had plans of doing this last week but we have been busy doing the term clean at ACTC and now its finished till I go in on the weekend and just spruce up the cooking room ready for start of term on Monday 2 February.

I had a lovely time at my morning cuttlebug class last Tuesday morning and made four lovely cards in the two hours that I was there. we only had four people in the class but it was nice that is for sure.

I will show the cards now that we made. I really like the one that is done with the spine on it that looks like a book page and the one using the vintage squares done in black purple and green.

I will add the last card made at class when I find in my scans at a later date.

Yesterday afternoon we had our Bible study social afternoon over at Rose's place. Just 6 of us were able to go but what a lovely peaceful time it was. Our afternoon group starts its study next Monday so am looking forward to this for sure.

Saturday 24th my friend Jan and I went up to Rolleston to Mary Anne's rubberstamping show room. What a really hot hot afternoon to choose to go but we made it and I managed to drive up and back which I haven't done in a very long time but got there. Had a good look at all that Mary Anne sells and did great damage to the $180 that I had allowed myself for spending coming home with still $50 in my pocket so that was good I reckon.

WE have had extremely hot days this last week temperature being up to the mid 30's C's so thankfully today is cooler and it has been raining as well.

Well time to get off the computer and make some cards and stuff now.

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