Monday, 19 January 2009

A New Week begins

WEll here I am back again with some more of the cards that I have created recently and to talk about life in general as well.

We had a huge and fierce thunderstorm here again late yesterday afternoon and in just under an hour got over 2 inches of rain with hail added in for the mix too. We had over 1000 lightening strikes too.

Today I started doing the term clean at the craft and technology centre with some help from Murray as well, that means that the cooking room is three quarters completed now. Sure makes it easier by putting the polsih down in layers and then just polishing it up for shine at the end.

Tomorrow morning I go for my first Cuttlebug class for 2009 over at Elsa's and are really looking forward to this too.

Next Saurday my friend Jan and I are going through to Rolleston to Mary Anne's shop that she has now got open can't wait for that either as I plan to have a good buy up of goodies as judging by what Mary Anne sells on Trade Me she has an awesome range of stamping and scrapbooking goodies .

Talking of Trade Me, I have put a few things up there for sale this last few days and they are selling like the latest book of Daneille Steel's that I put up it finished up selling for $14 and that surprised me but of course it is her latest book and a jolly good read as well.

I am going to use this money for my spend up on Saturday.

We have been having some problems with Alastair as he wants to go back to Wellington to his mates. Murray is kind of saying let me go but I am saying to him why not stay till he turns 18 in July and by then would have completed NCEA level 1. Today he started back at YMCA and has made a new friend so hopefully this will make him change his mind and stay. I know that Murray has fought hard to get him back into his life so keep your fingers crossed this remains so.

Well now for some show and tell again. Until nex time

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