Saturday, 31 January 2009

Some more cards that I have made

Well here we are at the end of January already. Gee where didthis month go to I wonder and what a month of weather extremes for us here in Mid Canterbury too everything from Hurricane force like wind storms to fierce thunder and lightening storms and two inces of rain within one hour. Is it Winter yet?? That is what I keep on saying oh and then we have had temperatures in the mid 30degrees as well.

Health wise I am feeling pretty good at the present time. I go back to my doctor for a Diabetic check up on Thursday 5th February.

I have just had notifiction by mail today that my Tai Chi for Diabetes class at our local night school starts on February 5th as well so am looking forward to this in the hope that it will help my diabetes even more.

I am really enjoying my card making just now too and have some more cards to share with you now as well.

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