Friday, 27 February 2009

The Pink Elephant Challenge #3

This is my card sketch that I have done for this week's card challenge over at

I really like their blog and intend to take part in more challenges too as the weeks go on.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Better late than never I say

Well where is the time and the weeks going to HUH!! Nearly at the end of February already and so much happening with me as well.

I got word last Saturday 21 February that I am to have my first cataract surgery in Christchurch on the 30th March so when the registrar told me she was going to fast track this surgery she certainly did that didn't she as I only saw her on the 16 February.

I had a good weekend this last one doing respite work and boy did the weekend go ever so fast.

I went to my card making class last Tuesday night on the 17th and we did 3 shaped cards this time. I really loved doing the handbag with the explosion insert and the tuxedo/shirt one but was really challenged with the cupcake one that we did. The only thing I really liked about doing that was the flag spine in the centre. I had visions of us doing it all by hand but Alison had us use already made flag spines that Elsa has in her shop.

Tai Chi is going great and I look forward to going and doing this each week now and its starting to have real benefits for me as well. My sugar levels feel as though they are getting more like normal I am sleeping better too and my over all wellness is doing good to just now.

Ok now to show you the cards made at class last week.

Talk again soon I hope.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New SpringWidget

Eye appointment update and a couple of cards

Well I went up to Christchurch yesterday morning for my follow up eye appointment from my visit back at the beginning of December. The registrar that I saw told me that nothing had changed regarding my eyes and cataracts but she did promise me that she was going to"fast track" my cataract surgery to sooner rather than later so that I am able to see more better than I do at present so I am kind of picking that this could happen before Easter even though that is 7 weeks away

We were not as long there this time so we went on up to Montarga Stamps where I managed to get some card making supplies that I needed plus I found that I had qualified for another free stamp so that was a bonus for me. From here we went over to Denny's restaurant for a late lunch and then went on to Spotlight store and Payless plastics. So I did manage to get some retail theraphy in which was good.

Got home in time for a coffee then head on down to ACTC for cleaning.

Here are a couple of cards that I made on Sunday.

One is a 4 elements card using a yellow circle an animal image a brown layer and buttons.

The other card is for a Baby card. I decided to use pale lemon as then it could be for either a boy or a girl. I used my favourite Swiss Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder on the card and a found baby image that I had in my "stash" and used that plus the Congratulations stamp.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, 14 February 2009

I have been neglectful this week here

I am sorry but i have been neglectful with my blog posting this last week but the week has been quite busy and I just hadn't been able to get here when I wanted to.

I had my second Tai Chi lesson this Thursday evening just gone and found it much easier to do than the week before. I think that the weather had a lot to do with that for me as it was stinking hot the Thursday before and this week it was cold and wet. I am also feeling very energized with doing the exercises that Steve is teaching us.

The school cleaning started back this week too and so far so good. Just waiting for when Richard starts the kids on the limestone carving as that is so messy after they have been carving out stuff and very dusty as well.

My eye appointment is this coming Monday at the eye clinic in Christchurch so maybe I might know more as to when the cataracts will be removed.

I have managed to do a bit of card making mostly just in the last couple of days as its been wet and cold here feeling more like early Autumn than anything I might add.
The first card that I am showing in this post is one of my favourite flower images that i like to use regular. I think this is an old PSX stamp that I still have. I had to use a layer of red card, a pale blue square and glitter. For the glitter part of the card I cut out a narrow piece of Jac Papaer that is doubled sided adhesive paper,stuck it onto the card and then sprinkled over the gold glitter and affixed that with hairspray, I then added the flower image to that and that is the complete card for that particular swap.
The second card is for an embossed themed card. We had to go back to the "old days" of stamping where we embossed with our heat guns. For this card I used this lovely Stampin Up image and coloured it in with ordinary colour pencils. Actually it was rather nice going back to old techniques like this for a change. I reckon I feel a series of images being used and done in this manner for a few cards coming up.

Friday, 6 February 2009

My first Tai Chi class

Well last night I went to my first ever Tai Chi class run specially for those of us with Diabetes. Some one told it was very laid back and not too tough on you. Well I beg to differ on that comment as I found muscles that I didn't know that I had just even with the gentle exercises that Steve took us through for our first night but having said that I think that I am going to enjoy it and already today feel pretty good inside. As I said in another post it is a 9 week course so by Easter I should feel a completely different kind of person.

I also went to my doctor for a six weekly Diabetic check up, found out my blood pressure was in the normal range and he is more than happy with the way my sugar levels are getting back to normal. he asked me what I put this down to and I told him that since New Year I had changed my eating plan and eating more healthy foods that are good for us Diabetics and again he told me to keep this up. I have to go back to him towards the end of March. So all up I feel pretty good about my health just now.

Yesterday afternoon I spent the time de-cluttering some of my craft room again particularly on the table where I have my small plastic storage drawers. Got rid of stuff that I haven't used in over a year and sorted out my Prima flowers and put into my new 12 drawer plastic storage set.

I managed to make to more birthday cards too, well another couple of them, I am on a roll using the Criss cross technique just now so this lemon one that I include with this show and tell is done like that plus I used my favourite Hero Arts cupcake birthday stamp for the insert this time, the other card I did is what I call the reverse gate-fold card, a very easy kind of fold to make and on the panel I cuttlebugged that using my favourite Swiss Dots folder, some scrap brown designed designer paper and of course the Hero Arts birthday cupcake stamp.

I do hope that you will take a peek with these.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Late today with my blogging

Well its late afternoon on Thursday 5th and I am jsut able to get onto blogging for today as our kinect server was playing up with us this morning.

Today is Murray's birthday but we are just playing it very low key as we don't really do birthdays between him and me. I made him a lovely criss cross card and he liked it so that was the main thing.

I got two more cards made yesterday. The first one is using my new Hero ARts birthday cupcake stamp that I got with the new 2009 catalogue. I am making good use of it as well

The second card is using the Cuttlebug bird call folder and using the clouds template from All Night Media which I have had for many years now and still use it lots and I have used gold Kaiser rhinestons as well and a Happy Birthday peel off.

I had a good diabetic review with my doctor this morning and he is quite pleased with the results so far so I hope that I can maintain this for when I got to see him again the middle of March.

Here are the cards made from yesterday for you to see.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More Show and Tell from me

Hi all back yet again gee I am going well on my blog this week aren't I. I had another play round with card making yesterday so will show these with this post as well.

The first card is an anniversary card that I made using Cuttlebug wavy square dies and a Cuttlebugged die embossed heart cut out of vellum that came through a swap I was on last year and I stamped in black ink the words With Love on the heart and Happy Anniversary on the white card.

The second card that I got to make yesterday was for a black and white combo swap for one of my February swaps. I used the Divine Swirls Cuttlebug folder for the black blackground, my Scalloped ovals for the centerpiece and one of my Asian lady stamps which I stamped with black ink in the centre of the oval. Once again I am really happy with the outcome of both of these cards. I am finding that by taking my time and planning out my cards like these two that I have far better results. Do please take a peak and leave comments if you want too.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cuttlebuged altered CD

Hi all well I am on a roll this week so far with managing to do daily posts on my blog so that is something for me to have achieved

Yesterday afternoon I started back at my KYB(know your Bible) study group at Raewyn's. I hope to be able to do the whole year this year and I find that at this group I just learn so much and Raewyn is such a good leader as well and so very helpful to me too.

Thursday night I start at Tai Chi so this will be interesting also as it is something that I have never done before and if it can help me with the Diabetes then I am all for it.

Next week on the Wednesday morning I am going up to Methven to Allison's place for Stampin Up classes so am looking forward to getting back into that again as well.

I feel the need to keep busy so that is why I am very pleased that the year has started again for me also.

Yesterday afternoon after i came back from Bible study I didn't have to go into do the school cleaning as the classes at the centre there only start back next Monday so I sat and worked on this altered CD that I have signed up for as a swap on one of my lists. It had to have some Cuttlebugging on it somewhere so the circle is cut using my on loan round Spellbinders and put through the "bug" using the Swiss Dots folder, firstly I painted the CD after sanding it lightly and painted it in black acryllic paint then left the CD to dry. The paper used was some I had on hand and not sure what brand it is sorry about that, I used my Spellbinders butterfly cut, stencil and emboss set for the pink butterfly in the centre. I used my Carl punch the small flower one and punched out the pink flowers and stuck them on the outer of the CD and then I added Hero Arts perls to give the circle effect. I must say that I am rather happy with the final outcome of the CD. Do feel free to go take a peek as well and leave comments too. Now for Show and Tell time.

Monday, 2 February 2009

More cards made

Yesterday being Sunday I got to in the afternoon in my craft room and had another play making birthday cards, St Paddy's Day cards and a 4 x 4 fat art page.

Three of the birthday cards that I made were from card maps that I used from this sitee here. .

I also made a front and back 4 x 4 fat art page for one of my Yahoo swaps that I am on and I also did a gatefold St Patrick's Day card for a swap on the same list as the 4 x 4 fat art page that I did.

Here are those 4 items for your viewing pleasure

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Some more cards made

I managed to make three more cards yesterday even though it was very hot and muggy here where I live but I am very happy wth the end results as well.

One card is for a Flood swap that I am on, another is a waterfall card for an Anything Gos swap that I am on and the last card from this show and tell series is my first ever Pyramid card. Enjoy looking at my creations.

The Marie Antionette Award

The rules are as follows:
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My good friend Libby from

has given me this lovely award for my blogand I am humbled by her generosity in giving it to me.

I now nominate the following to receive this award as well

Here is the award. I too like what they wore back then but wouldn't be terribly hot to wear in the very hot Summers we are having these days