Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Better late than never I say

Well where is the time and the weeks going to HUH!! Nearly at the end of February already and so much happening with me as well.

I got word last Saturday 21 February that I am to have my first cataract surgery in Christchurch on the 30th March so when the registrar told me she was going to fast track this surgery she certainly did that didn't she as I only saw her on the 16 February.

I had a good weekend this last one doing respite work and boy did the weekend go ever so fast.

I went to my card making class last Tuesday night on the 17th and we did 3 shaped cards this time. I really loved doing the handbag with the explosion insert and the tuxedo/shirt one but was really challenged with the cupcake one that we did. The only thing I really liked about doing that was the flag spine in the centre. I had visions of us doing it all by hand but Alison had us use already made flag spines that Elsa has in her shop.

Tai Chi is going great and I look forward to going and doing this each week now and its starting to have real benefits for me as well. My sugar levels feel as though they are getting more like normal I am sleeping better too and my over all wellness is doing good to just now.

Ok now to show you the cards made at class last week.

Talk again soon I hope.

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