Saturday, 14 February 2009

I have been neglectful this week here

I am sorry but i have been neglectful with my blog posting this last week but the week has been quite busy and I just hadn't been able to get here when I wanted to.

I had my second Tai Chi lesson this Thursday evening just gone and found it much easier to do than the week before. I think that the weather had a lot to do with that for me as it was stinking hot the Thursday before and this week it was cold and wet. I am also feeling very energized with doing the exercises that Steve is teaching us.

The school cleaning started back this week too and so far so good. Just waiting for when Richard starts the kids on the limestone carving as that is so messy after they have been carving out stuff and very dusty as well.

My eye appointment is this coming Monday at the eye clinic in Christchurch so maybe I might know more as to when the cataracts will be removed.

I have managed to do a bit of card making mostly just in the last couple of days as its been wet and cold here feeling more like early Autumn than anything I might add.
The first card that I am showing in this post is one of my favourite flower images that i like to use regular. I think this is an old PSX stamp that I still have. I had to use a layer of red card, a pale blue square and glitter. For the glitter part of the card I cut out a narrow piece of Jac Papaer that is doubled sided adhesive paper,stuck it onto the card and then sprinkled over the gold glitter and affixed that with hairspray, I then added the flower image to that and that is the complete card for that particular swap.
The second card is for an embossed themed card. We had to go back to the "old days" of stamping where we embossed with our heat guns. For this card I used this lovely Stampin Up image and coloured it in with ordinary colour pencils. Actually it was rather nice going back to old techniques like this for a change. I reckon I feel a series of images being used and done in this manner for a few cards coming up.

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