Sunday, 8 March 2009

Really behind with my blog just now

I hadn't realised how much behind I had gotten with this blog until I came here today but as usual in this household I always come last when it comes to trying to get things done on this big computer but I do like it for uploading card scans and stuff but might just have to have a rethink here and go back to taking digital photos of the cards that I make and upload them on the laptop now that I have been able to add extra memory to it.

I went along to the monthly Cuttlebug class at the local stamp shop last Tuesday morning and will share with you the cards that I made there in this post. I really do enjoy those classes and look forward to the night one on Tuesday 17th March where this time we are using punches again.

I am continuing to enjoy my Tai Chi classes and are finding that the nerve tingling that I had in my feet and fingers has stopped so I think this means that my circulation is working lots better these days as well. I am also finding too that my sugar levels are starting to act more normally than in the past so it all has to be good.

I even feel that I now have a life again and want to get out and do things like the card classes and the Tai Chi classes. Are hoping to do something next term with Tai Chi as well plus I now have the Tai Chi for Diabetes DVD so that I am able to do the exercises in my own time at home.

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