Monday, 13 April 2009

My Easter weekend

Well its now Easter Monday here in New Zealand and I guess you could say that I have had quite a busy weekend all up. We started the term clean at the craft and technology centre on Thursday afternoon and it was good all 3 of us being there as we got the cooking room half done in one go. I came back with Murray on the Saturday morning to polish what I had done on the Thursday and Murray vacumed out the woodwork room for me at the same time and this morning being Monday I went back in and laid polish on the rest of the cooking room and washed the storeroom and office in the woodwork area so hopefully all going well by the end of tomorrow it will be all done and I can then have the next week and a half to myself.

I completed my first term of Tai Chi for Diabetes and have really enjoyed doing this plus already finding out the benefits of doing it too. I have already signed up again for next term but am hoping that I can sign up for the day time class as well as that then will give me two hours of exercise a week then.

The eye has recovered well from the surgery that I had a fortnight ago now waiting to go to the follow up appointment on 4th may. Gee that won't take long to come either with the way the weeks are just flying by.

I start my regular fortnightly weekend respite work in the next couple of weeks so that means some extra money for me and I guess I can use some of it to buy some stamping stuff can't I.

The weather has been typically autumn here this weekend. Lovely sunny days and cool cool nights already the temperature has been down at 1 degree a few mornings this past week and those leaves just keep on coming off the trees as well.

Yesterday being Sunday was a day of card making for me in the craft room and listening to Andre Rieu DVDs and CDs.

I made 2 Circle journal pages of quotes for a Circle journal swap that I am doing, a bookmark using the cuttlebug for another swap for April plus a floral card for a swap, 2 atcs and a couple of birthday cards.

Do please take a look at what I have done.

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