Saturday, 30 May 2009

Honest Scrap Award

My good internet friend Libby from http://libby has awarded me with another award called Honest Scrap Award.

There are a few requirements to accepting this Honest Scrap Award.

1.I must thank the person who gave me this award and list ther blog and link which I have done see above this message.

2. I must list 10 Honest things about myself. Now this is hard so will try my best here

1. I cannot stand lazy people.

2.I have to learn more not to jump to conclusions.

3.I need to try and be more Christian like in my life.

4. I need to express my feelings more and not keep them to myself.

5. I like reading Danielle Steel books

6. I like surfing on TradeMe New Zealand equivalent to E-Bay.

7. Love listening to easy listening music find it very relaxing.

8. I wish I didn't have Type 1 Diabetes

9. I too wish that my siblings weren't so selfish and we had more of a

family life.

10.I like doing my Respite care work that I do for the older people.

3. I must put a copy of the Honest Scrap Award on my blog.

4. I must select at least 7 other worhty blogs and list their links.

Here they are

Hazel at http://dido

Anna at http://anna

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