Saturday, 30 May 2009

I have been tagged

My good internet friend Libby over at http://libby' has tagged me and this is what I am to do. I am to answer these question to the best that I can and then try and tag up to 8 other bloggers. here goes.
8 Things that I look forward to:
1. The School holidays- no work for me
2. The weekend
3. Going to Tai Chi classes
4. Going to card making classes
5. Plannina craft shopping expedition.
6. Being able to watch TV in MY TIME.
7. The day that my siblings will talk to me again and we can be a family.
8. Spring.

8 Things that I did yesterday
1. Supermarket shopping
2. AB Circle pro exercises.
3. Shopping at Briscoes
4. Shopping at Postie Plus a clothing shop
5. Folded washing.
6 Went for a walk
7. Posted off weekly card swaps
8. Listened to music.

6 Things I wish I could do
1. Be able to fully control my Diabetes
2. Be 100% fit!! (Am working on it though)
3. Be able to loose some weight.
4 Read more books.
5. Have an on line craft shop.
6. Learn to do PSP for computers
7. Meet more of my internet friends.
8. Not to argue with my step son.

8 Things or TV shows that I have watched lately
1. The News
2. Good Morning
3. Coronation Street
4. Country Calendar
5. Wheel of Fortune
6. Super 14 Rugby cham[ionships
7. Fluffy my cat enjoying the Winter sunshine.
8. The rain last weekend and wondering when it was going to stop.

Now for the people that I have chosen to tag.
Hazel at http://dido'
Fab at http://fab'
Anna athttp://anna;s craft
Carol D at http://carol'
Jennifer B at

Do go and check these blogs out they are worthy of being tagged I reckon.

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