Sunday, 9 August 2009

One day out from eye surgery

Well I only have today to go before I go and have the left eye cataract removed tomorrow (Monday 10th August) up in Christchurch. It will certainly be great to have it all over with that is for sure as i do have a few things happening this coming week mainly respite care which doesn't involve anything that will affect my eye and I have decided that on Wednesday I will go back to light duties at the school and Murray will help me for the rest of the week I hope.

My respite work yesterday went well and boy the day just flew along.

The weather we have been having over here has been great but I do wonder about having a long hot dry Summer and possibly drought this year as we haven't had rain for about a month now.

I went along to my monthly Cuttlebug class last Tuesday morning at Elsa's. It was good to see so many new ladies there too. We made 5 cards for the morning and I liked all of what we did this time.

will show you some of those cards now

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