Friday, 4 September 2009

New Award

My Australian friend Libby has given me this new award. Libby has an amazing blog and well worth visitng. I love her Cuttlebug cards that she is constantly making and hearing and seeing the photos of her husband Bob and her family as well.

What you are supposed to do is list 5 things that you like to do and then send this award onto 5 people whom you think deserve to get it also.

My five things that I like to do are

1.Listen to easy listening music

2. Do Tai chi for Diabetes classes

3. Care for the elderly in Respite care work that I do

4. Love to read

5. Do card making and papercrafting projects and playing with all the new toys that I just have to have.

The 5 people I have chosen are

and I can't think of any more just now

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