Thursday, 30 December 2010

cards made since Christmas Day and blog revamp

Hi every one  well that is Christmas over for anothe year and I am so happy to see the end of it as well.
I always feel so affected by it as its supposed to be a time for family and for children and my siblings never think of me at this time so it can be very hurtfull for me so once Christmas is out of the way I tend to relax more and get creating again as well.
Its been enjoyable having Ian with us too he doesn't go back to Auckland till 21st January and now Alastair is heading south to Oamaru for around 10 days or so so hey I consider that to be a holiday on its own actually.
Here are the latest creations that I have to show you all.
Take care and Happy New Year to all who read and follow my blog.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

cards made at December 4 2010 workshop

Iwent to another workshop yesterday December 4th here in town that was from 10 to 4pm. We made 8 or 9 cards and little Christmas gift thingies. I have decided that 4 hours is enough for me I was starting to get confused by the time the last couple of cards came along, we were also using a mixture of inches and centimetres  for the measuring and scoring of cards and this made it quite hard for me to comprehend but i guess I didn't do so bad when you see the cards
The first one is a variation on the easel card and I must say rather easy to do considering, the next one that we did  was the diamond fold Christmas card the worst part of this was the measuring and folding once again as the decorating part was easy it was mainly all stickers this time round. The next card we did was the trifold cascade style card, another easy one to do really and again it could be decorated whichever way you chose to do it, we seemed to use stickers mostly at the workshop yesterday. Another card we made was what they called a simple 3 piece card the worst part to this was the measuring and cutting out of the niches that seemed so fiddly to me. I really enjoyed making the double tri fold cascade card and out them all that we did yesterday that is my favourite one, the other card we did but I didn't get to take pictures of was a teepee card.
Here are the photos of the workshop cards for you all. Enjoy

Reverb #10 reflect and manifest on 2010 Prompt December Day 1

This prompt is called one word. Write one word to describe what the year 2010 has been for you.
Well for me it has to be Disaster. Disaster you ask well first of all on September 4 2010 at 4.35am life in Canterbury New Zealand as we know it changed forever, the landscape changed, people's lives changed as we were struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with widespread serious damage done in Christchurch and surrounding rural areas. Luckily no lives were lost as a result of the initial earthquak but homes have either been destroyed and in lots of cases so much damage that people have had to find other accommodation.
One thing though it pull the whole community together too but like the phoneix rising from the ashes so now is Chirstchurch and Canterbury.

The second disaster to hit the South Island and indeed all of New Zealand has been the Pike river mining disaster in which 29 lives were lost through a mine explosion.
this has been absolutely devasting for all concerned because we all hoped that at some stage they would be still alive but two days later another mine explosion occured and it was then  realised that there would be no one then alive from that second blast.

So yes Disaster has been a word to stand out for me in 2010 and how do I hope that it can change in 12 months time hmmmm that is hard to think about but we now have to look forward to a Royal Wedding, the Rugby World Cup and hopefully some other happier times for the country as a whole. I guess the icing on the cake would be New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup as they haven't won it since the first time it happened, can't remember how many years ago now though.

Pike River coal Mine Tribute

This poem was sent to me and written about the 29 coal miners who died on  Friday 19th November 2010 at the Pike River Coal Mine.
This poem is very poignant I think and I wanted to share it with my blogger friends world wide.


They came from near and far away

The men of Pike to work that day

The afternoon shift way down deep

Beneath the mountains oh so steep

A long way in but further out

The afternoon shift sets about

A job not flash but hard and trying

A job that holds the risk of dying

From seventeen to sixty two

They start their shift to see it through

For one his first, for all their last

How could they know there’d be a blast?

For all at once no siren whining

Suddenly the worst in mining

Dust and rubble fill the air

A loader driver thrown clear

Just one other finds the light

The rest are hidden from our sight

And so we learn as news is spread

The news that mining families dread

It’s up at Pike there’s an explosion

Faces drop and hearts are frozen

Who, how many, where and why ----

Will they make it ---- will they die

Fathers, husbands, brothers, sons

Coasters, Kiwis, Aussies, Poms

Mates and friends who we are seeking

Methane gas from coal seams leaking

Vents exploded, phones unheeded

Level heads and strength are needed

The world above unites as one

To bring the missing to the sun

Rescue teams are standing by

As holes are drilled and experts try

To find a way that’s safe and sound

To rescue those beneath the ground

Could robots work where men are mortal

To pierce the dangers of that portal

But alas all effort fails

The darkness of the mine prevails

A second blast of rock and thunder

Hope and prayers are rent asunder

A nation weeps and Coasters mourn

Pike falls silent, dark, forlorn

A hole remains within the ground

Devoid of joy, of life, of sound

Another hole within the heart

Of those forever set apart

From those they loved who went to toil

Digging coal beneath the soil

Those who gave their lives that day

To work a shift for honest pay

They wait at rest within their mine

The men of Pike, the Twenty Nine

ery poignant I think and I wanted to share with my blogger friends world wide.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More cards made

I have in the last few days made some more cards. Two are for swaps that I am in and one is another birthday card for a friend.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Workshop cards that I made plus a couple for swaps I'm in

I went to a card making workshop this Saturday 13th November at my local craft shop.
It ran from 10 through to 4pm and I had a lovely day.
We did six projects and my favourite has to be the flag book. Couldn't get over how easy it was to make yet tutorials I have seen through the Internet make it look very complicated.
Here are the photos of the projects we made.

Monday, 18 October 2010

colour card combo swap

Hi there made this card yesterday for a colour combo swap for one of my groups.
The colours are yellow which I did for the background but doesn't show up in the photo I took, orange for the bird die cut that I used for the focal point and the red was put through my labels nesties that I have then run through the trusty bug.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Found my mojo again

wEll have found my stamping mojo again after it had gone for a short walkabout. Its also good to learn what browsing at Google can do for inspiration as well.
I have cards to show that have been quick to produce hence giving me the kick start for getting back into regular card making again.
The pink birthday card was made in 10 minutes using my trusty Cuttlebug and blooms and dots folder I think it is plus  Kaisercraft blong flower.
the christmas card also took less than 10 minutes to make as I had the base card partly done and just needed to add the sentiment for it.
the music card is for a card swap I am in this week and and again using the Allegro Cuttlebug embossing folder.
The other birthday card I made I used the Happy birthday embossing folder on metallic cream paper and a take on the tri fold card.
I do hope that you can come and take a peek at what I have done over the weekend.
I had to redo the post as I mucked up the picture uploads maybe sending the pictures in email is not suitable for this computer I am thinking.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Time to show more cards

Am playing catch up on my blog tonight with sharing some more cards recently made. It may help to bring back the mojo that I said has gone missing plus now I can send blogger posts through email its less time consuming.
why hadn't I thought of this before.

Testing my emails direct to blogger

Hi its Carol here just testing this out to see if I can email direct from my email account to my blogger account as I am certain this will make it easier and quicker for me to work directly with blogger  more now than what I have been doing as its kind of tiresome going direct to blogger to create new posts when its better coming from email.
Now to see if it will work

Some cards made in recent weeks

Here are some cards that I have made over recent weeks.At present it ssems like my mojo has gone walkabout as I can't seem to get into making cards just now so thought I would show some pics that I have of cards made  as I said in recent times.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

September what a month of highs and lows

well I am back here to do an entry for my blog. Hadn't realised it had been around six weeks since I had actually blogged even but then mind you this has been because of all the things that have happened in my life since then.
Saturday 4 September 4.35am 2010 will be a day etched in my life for ever now. That was the day that we in Canterbury woke up to what turned out to be a devastating 7.1 magnatude earthquake. Gee it felt like it was going on for 10 or more minutes but in actually fact they tell us now that it only lasted for 40 seconds and it was a different earthquake too it wasn't a shaking kind of earthquake but more like someone was pushing the bed backwrds and forwards. We in Ashburton have fared much better off then the people of Canterbury and Christchurch in particular. Christchurch CBD will never have the same feel now as a lot of the old buildings have been demolished by the earthquake. the most amazing thing about this is that no one died in the actual earthquake. One person has since died from an earthquake related heart attack so as Bob Parker mayor of Christchurch keeps saying its amazing that from a city of 500,000 people no one was killed.
We still get after shocks but down here not as often as they have been having them in Christchurch and the surrounding area.
On the 18th of September 2010 I found out that my nephew Bruce and wife Rachel had their twins born. A boy now named Issac and a girl now named Freya. Both the babies are still in hospital because of being a bit under done but are now drinking well with being bottle fed rather than being tube fed so that is good news to hear I reckon.
The other piece of bad news for me was the cancellation of the upcoming concert tour by Andre Rieu due to his a viral illness that has left him not fit enough yet to travel so it now means we have to wait a bit longer for him to come down to Christchurch but the other thought on this is it gives the city time to get back to as much normality as it can do.
We now wait in eagerness for the announcement of the new tour dates. Our tickets will still be void so that is a good thing.
I am hoping that I can now remember to come back to blogging a bit more regular from now on.
Thanks for reading my updated ramblings here.
will share some card pics soon as well.

Monday, 16 August 2010

One sheet wonder Christmas cards made over the weekend

I've had another lovely relaxing weekend  this one just gone with making some 35 odd cards for the City Mission charity project that I am currently working on.
I found this great A4 template sorry don't remember the lady's blog address but when I do find it again I will certainly give her credit for it as I love it.
I made two sets of cards using a sheet of A4 Pohutakawa flowered paper on white cardstock and another two sets of Christmas cards also using white cardstock with blue backgrounds and mainly using stickers of snowflakes for this one as well.
They are starting to get addictive for me but the quickest way by far when having to make 200 cards for charity. I think I have about 80 cards made all up now so that is good I feel.
Enjoy the cards and have a great week

Monday, 2 August 2010

More cards

Here I am again with some more cards made recently.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Some card shares from today's class and made at home the last few days

I had a great afternoon card making with tutor Lorraine and the girls this afternoon. We did three straight forward cards and then Lorraine showed us how to do the Spring up ( I think that is what its called) fold that I had been having trouble with for a while. Now I hope I am able to do this on my own at home. Have found this one of the most challenging folds out for me.
The first card we did at class is the fold back card using this floral stamp that was stamped on acetate and we cut it out and then we also cut out the red flower,stuck the two together with a glue dot and used the script background to attach it to.
The next card was a black and white hummbird card very simple as Lorraine had already done the kindy glitz part for us we just had to round the corners and stick it all together.
The next card  we did was very basic but simple and as I say effective and the photo says it all really.
I have done this Christmas card as part of the 200 that I am doing for the Christchurch city Mission. I used my Christmas Cuttlebug folder for this cut it up and used the top part of the folder, smooched over the green ink and attached it to the card. Very quick and easy to do.
Enjoy yoru viewing