Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Some card shares from today's class and made at home the last few days

I had a great afternoon card making with tutor Lorraine and the girls this afternoon. We did three straight forward cards and then Lorraine showed us how to do the Spring up ( I think that is what its called) fold that I had been having trouble with for a while. Now I hope I am able to do this on my own at home. Have found this one of the most challenging folds out for me.
The first card we did at class is the fold back card using this floral stamp that was stamped on acetate and we cut it out and then we also cut out the red flower,stuck the two together with a glue dot and used the script background to attach it to.
The next card was a black and white hummbird card very simple as Lorraine had already done the kindy glitz part for us we just had to round the corners and stick it all together.
The next card  we did was very basic but simple and as I say effective and the photo says it all really.
I have done this Christmas card as part of the 200 that I am doing for the Christchurch city Mission. I used my Christmas Cuttlebug folder for this cut it up and used the top part of the folder, smooched over the green ink and attached it to the card. Very quick and easy to do.
Enjoy yoru viewing

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