Sunday, 26 September 2010

September what a month of highs and lows

well I am back here to do an entry for my blog. Hadn't realised it had been around six weeks since I had actually blogged even but then mind you this has been because of all the things that have happened in my life since then.
Saturday 4 September 4.35am 2010 will be a day etched in my life for ever now. That was the day that we in Canterbury woke up to what turned out to be a devastating 7.1 magnatude earthquake. Gee it felt like it was going on for 10 or more minutes but in actually fact they tell us now that it only lasted for 40 seconds and it was a different earthquake too it wasn't a shaking kind of earthquake but more like someone was pushing the bed backwrds and forwards. We in Ashburton have fared much better off then the people of Canterbury and Christchurch in particular. Christchurch CBD will never have the same feel now as a lot of the old buildings have been demolished by the earthquake. the most amazing thing about this is that no one died in the actual earthquake. One person has since died from an earthquake related heart attack so as Bob Parker mayor of Christchurch keeps saying its amazing that from a city of 500,000 people no one was killed.
We still get after shocks but down here not as often as they have been having them in Christchurch and the surrounding area.
On the 18th of September 2010 I found out that my nephew Bruce and wife Rachel had their twins born. A boy now named Issac and a girl now named Freya. Both the babies are still in hospital because of being a bit under done but are now drinking well with being bottle fed rather than being tube fed so that is good news to hear I reckon.
The other piece of bad news for me was the cancellation of the upcoming concert tour by Andre Rieu due to his a viral illness that has left him not fit enough yet to travel so it now means we have to wait a bit longer for him to come down to Christchurch but the other thought on this is it gives the city time to get back to as much normality as it can do.
We now wait in eagerness for the announcement of the new tour dates. Our tickets will still be void so that is a good thing.
I am hoping that I can now remember to come back to blogging a bit more regular from now on.
Thanks for reading my updated ramblings here.
will share some card pics soon as well.