Sunday, 5 December 2010

cards made at December 4 2010 workshop

Iwent to another workshop yesterday December 4th here in town that was from 10 to 4pm. We made 8 or 9 cards and little Christmas gift thingies. I have decided that 4 hours is enough for me I was starting to get confused by the time the last couple of cards came along, we were also using a mixture of inches and centimetres  for the measuring and scoring of cards and this made it quite hard for me to comprehend but i guess I didn't do so bad when you see the cards
The first one is a variation on the easel card and I must say rather easy to do considering, the next one that we did  was the diamond fold Christmas card the worst part of this was the measuring and folding once again as the decorating part was easy it was mainly all stickers this time round. The next card we did was the trifold cascade style card, another easy one to do really and again it could be decorated whichever way you chose to do it, we seemed to use stickers mostly at the workshop yesterday. Another card we made was what they called a simple 3 piece card the worst part to this was the measuring and cutting out of the niches that seemed so fiddly to me. I really enjoyed making the double tri fold cascade card and out them all that we did yesterday that is my favourite one, the other card we did but I didn't get to take pictures of was a teepee card.
Here are the photos of the workshop cards for you all. Enjoy

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