Thursday, 30 December 2010

cards made since Christmas Day and blog revamp

Hi every one  well that is Christmas over for anothe year and I am so happy to see the end of it as well.
I always feel so affected by it as its supposed to be a time for family and for children and my siblings never think of me at this time so it can be very hurtfull for me so once Christmas is out of the way I tend to relax more and get creating again as well.
Its been enjoyable having Ian with us too he doesn't go back to Auckland till 21st January and now Alastair is heading south to Oamaru for around 10 days or so so hey I consider that to be a holiday on its own actually.
Here are the latest creations that I have to show you all.
Take care and Happy New Year to all who read and follow my blog.

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