Sunday, 5 December 2010

Reverb #10 reflect and manifest on 2010 Prompt December Day 1

This prompt is called one word. Write one word to describe what the year 2010 has been for you.
Well for me it has to be Disaster. Disaster you ask well first of all on September 4 2010 at 4.35am life in Canterbury New Zealand as we know it changed forever, the landscape changed, people's lives changed as we were struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with widespread serious damage done in Christchurch and surrounding rural areas. Luckily no lives were lost as a result of the initial earthquak but homes have either been destroyed and in lots of cases so much damage that people have had to find other accommodation.
One thing though it pull the whole community together too but like the phoneix rising from the ashes so now is Chirstchurch and Canterbury.

The second disaster to hit the South Island and indeed all of New Zealand has been the Pike river mining disaster in which 29 lives were lost through a mine explosion.
this has been absolutely devasting for all concerned because we all hoped that at some stage they would be still alive but two days later another mine explosion occured and it was then  realised that there would be no one then alive from that second blast.

So yes Disaster has been a word to stand out for me in 2010 and how do I hope that it can change in 12 months time hmmmm that is hard to think about but we now have to look forward to a Royal Wedding, the Rugby World Cup and hopefully some other happier times for the country as a whole. I guess the icing on the cake would be New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup as they haven't won it since the first time it happened, can't remember how many years ago now though.

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