Monday, 10 January 2011

another lot of cards to share and some family ramblings

Well have been really on a card making and journal making roll since the New year. I think its because my health has come right again and I am now over the bladder infection I had leading up to Christmas and of course all of the stuff I went through with all of that.
Today has been a lovely day as we went down to Lake Hood about 12 minutes drive out of Ashburton, the boys went kite flying something that Murray hadn't done in years and Ian I think was his first time kite flying. Made us all feel like young kids again that is for sure.
Just got word today of our first card making workshop here in Ashburton and that is on the  5th February. This time we will be only making 6 cards so the pressure won't be as much for me as the 9 card workshop was just before Christmas.
Well on to showing the cards now.

Will show the video of Lake Hood in another post soon

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