Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day Out Friday 14th January 2011

yesterday we went over to Akaroa for the day. Had a lovely trip over in the car, lovely scenery and excellent driving weather to add to a lovely day.
When we got to Akaroa we sat on the beach front and had a lovely picnic type lunch which  was nice and then we went for a walk along the wharf. It was great to see families sitting on the edge of the wharf fishing and even more great to see the charter boats going out to the Heads of the harbour to take people dolphin watching. This is my big wish for 2011 to go back and take that trip to get up close and personal well you know what I mean to see the dolphins really close not to actually swim with them as I can't swim in any case.
The only bad thing about the day was that Alastair came back and came back in a mood at that all becau people are trying to warn him the bad things about going out with a 14 year old that he has just met and whom he and her thinks are in love with each other. So I guess one day he will really grow up and realise that this is not the right thing to do.

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