Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Stylish Blog award

My good internet friend Libby Dyson over at has given me this Stylish Blog award.
I really value Libby as a true Internet friend, always there offering good advice and great confidence comments to me when I need them the most.
For this award I have to say 8 things about me that you may not know about me and then pass this award onto 8 more bloggers so here goes.
1. Have just become a Design team member of SendASmile4Kids challenge blog and are enjoying the challenges as well.
2. In the process of getting a new car for us a lovely Peugot 206 which is nice and light and zippy to drive too.
My partner and I have just come back to the two of us in the household now as the 19 and a half year old older son of partner has moved out at last. Yah peace blissful peace at last.
3. I'm on the countdown now to going to Andre Rieu's concert in Christchurch on the 8th May. can't wait as I so love his music its very soothing and relaxing too.
4. Just recently brought an e-reader and are really enjoying using this newer way of reading as well.
5.Looking at going to the local pool to start aqua gym classes which will involve water walking as I call it
6. I am a great aunt to two sets of twins. The younger ones live in Melbourne Australia and the latest video I saw of them on Face Book is just wonderful.
7. Just had a lovely day trip down to Timaru today. Love doing travel like this breaks the monotony of home life for sure.
8. am becoming addicted to using Skype as well.

Now for the 8 bloggers in which I can pass this on to now.
1.)  wonderful place for inspiration and great online shop as well
2.) Linda does some amazing work on her blog
3.) Debbie is an amazing mixed media artist and owner of a great group
4.)  this lady has some amazing stuff on her blog as well

Sorry can't think of any more bloggers just now.
And here is the award that Libby left for me

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