Thursday, 31 March 2011

blog catch up and new cards done over the last week

Hi there thought I would update my blog again with some more of my recent creations that I have made.
I had a card making class yesterday afternoon that was 30th March not 30th April as I have on the card descriptions sorry about that  kind of getting a head of myself aren't I.
Ididn't get to class till 2pm as I had to do carer work before then but made up time rapidly which was good.
The first card we made was what I call the double fold back type card, very easy to make but also effective and the kind of cards I like doing as well. The next card we did was a male birthday card  as aren't they always the hardest ones to do but I liked what we did also.
The last card we made was a simple butterfly and flowers Sympathy card. Now I have some more ideas to play with
I am also including  my first ever Pinwheel card that I had made earlier in the week. Some of the ladies on one of my Yahoo lists had been talking about this kind of card so I googled it and found easy instructions to make it and came up with this gatefold version.
Have also been buying from one of my local retailers  her Kaisercraft monthly kits and a couple of the cards
I am showing you come from the Lilac Avenue Kaisercraft collection. I am a big fan of Kaisercraft so think I will start getting these kits from www://  as you get a really good deal with them.
Now for the cards

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